Zoologists have made a surprising discovery about cats


Зоологи сделали неожиданное открытие о кошках Discovered fact shows the similarity of cats to people.

Irish zoologists from the Queens University in Belfast found that cats like humans can be right-handed and left-handed. To do this, scientists watched 24 cats and 20 cats in the homes of their owners.

It turned out that in 73% of cases animals used the same foot to pull up the piece of food, 70% is taking a step down and 66% of stepping over anything. Sleep the tendency to use the right or left leg is not affected. And righties, and lefties slept on the right and left sides with equal frequency.

Unlike people, where right-handed people make up about 90% of the cats turned out to be equally — righties and lefties. But more than right-handers turned out to be among cats. Animals are left-handed, to handle more actively use the right brain more fearful, aggressive and worse cope with stress than right-handed people, came to the conclusion zoologists.


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