Xiaomi has revealed a new useful device for motorists


Xiaomi показала новое полезное устройство для автомобилистовWorth having in the Arsenal of every driver.

Mi Car Inverter is a nice compact camera, made in the form of a white barrel. It is convenient to place on the handles of car seats or set in the Cup holder.

Flipping the lid of the device, it is possible to find two USB connectors and one electrical outlet. Thus, this small, impact-resistant cylinder with dust protection is capable of simultaneously charging and powering three devices – smartphones, tablets, cameras, drones or laptops.

The gadget via the USB ports gives 5V, the 2.4 mA current when charging one device, and 3.1-amp – when charging two. Outlet, alas, not European, and Chinese, and is designed to power a value of 100 watts. However, when using the adapter, it can be adapted to the standard European plug.

Himself Mi Car Inverter operates from a cigarette lighter, and is protected against overload, voltage drop and short circuit. In China, this gadget is sold at a price of $31.


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