Xiaomi has released in Russia watch Amazfit GTS with the design of the Apple Watch


Company Xiaomi announced the release in Russia of its new smart watches Amazfit GTS, which came under its subsidiary brand Huami.

Watch outwardly copy the Apple Watch, so fans of the show-off can save up and buy them instead of the original Apple watch. Amazfit GTS got the OLED screen 1.65 inch high resolution 348х542 point, the module NFC for payments and housing with protection from water up to 5 atmospheres.

In Russia watches can be purchased in black, gray, red and gold hues, plus pre-orders open for the blue and pink version. The price of one – exactly 10 000. Of course, Amazfit GT work with Android and iOS,there are no restrictions there is not expected. Overall this smart watch is very good quality, as Xiaomi, but it should be noted that in China they are much cheaper – exactly 8,000 rubles. 20% markup is not so little, especially because the money from China, you can still order fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and a couple of extra bracelets for him.


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