With Alice’s Brain was a misfortune


The Ukrainian producer has talked about how had a complex leg fracture.

Allen Brain actively maintains a blog on Facebook, but this time her posts are not the smiles of readers, and sadness. As it turned out, the mother of three children, two of whom are all grown up, broke his leg.

So Brain reported the accident: “Pro scho waking dumat.. that hi at scho special features, Blah … don’t think! I think TKO about those scho Yak that bitch mozhna Bulo sumati leg zi skladnik fracture, dwellers of the operation are Robit need to Bulo z acous saltney plate I wherein W tverezy Bula I was just grales s dainow on kilim, in yakomu paskauskas so, what zlamal leg.. well TSE, mabud, only I can..”.

Later, Alyona added a photo, which is visible from her broken leg already in a cast. The picture she signed as “”Mother, Nona Bo – Bo”? … and matukaitis when titin’s not possible.. newt don’t know the Yak is better, opisati TSE “Bo-Bo”)))”.

Subscribers I sincerely wish Allen a speedy recovery and do not hide their sympathy.


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