Why Russians have to pay taxes for the house if they have their housing built themselves


Почему россияне должны платить налоги за дом, если они свое жилье построили сами

When the Russians get their first tax payment, consider it incorrect, especially those who have just become the owner of real estate. But the fact that he is correct.

One of the residents of the country shared their outrage at the tax on the house. The woman said that failing to renew the estate, has received payment from the state.

You can often hear outrage over the payment of taxes, as the state has received payments in the budget at a time when housing was still in the process of building and purchasing all the necessary materials are already made deductions VAT. We can say, the Treasury have already made in the order of 18-20% of your home’s value.

Resent the fact that people living in Russia pay a land tax. But the state did not give them the land, the owners themselves bought the land.

Especially clear the collection of tax from the villagers, since no improvement of these settlements is not carried out. People on their own repair roads and maintain the infrastructure.

Appeals to authority are often useless, as the local authorities to go on about the lack of funds in the local budget.


Judging from the current situation, we can say that the state “simply collecting tribute”, but not responsible to the people.

A woman talks about what is born in Russia, the citizen must already be the owner of part of the country, but it is not. Most land in Russia belongs to the elect, and even those who are not resident in the territory of the state. And people who are “from the cradle” live in this country, have themselves to work, to earn, purchase, and additionally to pay taxes.

The woman notes that the taxation system of the country is devoid of common sense and democratic definitions.

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