White diamonds: the everlasting classics from the World’s diamond capital


The best friends of girls are diamonds, the legendary Marilyn Monroe claimed and was right.

But does everyone know where diamonds are processed today and where it is most profitable to buy them?

In the Belgian city of Antwerp, 80% of the natural loose white diamonds reserves are processed. Antwerp provides half of the world’s diamond exports. It is here that 1,500 diamond enterprises are located on the territory of two blocks.

Antwerp diamonds are girls’ best friends

The most famous international syndicate of the 20th century, the De Beers Group of companies, which controls 90% of the world diamond trade, supplies stones to Antwerp, where they are sold after cutting.

Of course, everything that gets exported is sold in our countries with a huge margin. The same can be said about the domestic European market.

So, for example, the glorious city of Amsterdam, quite successfully sells diamonds with a triple or more cheat. The abundance of expensive advertising, the opportunity to sit in the showroom of the Gassan factory and study samples of diamonds are a sufficient reason for buying diamonds for many guests of the capital.

And only a few people know that: half of the world’s diamonds after cutting return to the Belgian city of Antwerp, and only 2% of the stones after cutting in India or China go to Amsterdam; Amsterdam jewelers buy processed stones in Antwerp; and, finally, in Antwerp there is a world-famous HRD laboratory, whose certificates they are an indisputable proof of the authenticity and quality of a diamond all over the world.

If you are thinking about what to prefer — a product with a large stone or several, but small, then know that a diamond weighing 1 carat is always more expensive than 1 carat of small diamonds. But the value of a diamond is determined not only by the weight of the stone. The international classification adopted in assessing the quality and value of a diamond is called the 4-x “c” rule:

  1. Color (color)
  2. Clarity
  3. Cut (cut)
  4. Weight in carats (carat)

All these characteristics together give an idea of the beauty and value of a diamond.

When you go to buy a diamond, an unspoken, but most important rule of the 5th “c” – confidence – the rule of trust should work.

The presence of a trusted person who will help you purchase a stone or products at a real price is very important in this purchase. After all, very often, our compatriots order products remotely.

After the order is placed, the possibility and timing of its execution are analyzed, the time of your arrival or the possibility of transporting the product is discussed.

There is a question of buying serious stones from 4 to 10 carats, the waiting period for such a stone on the stock exchange can reach several months.

There is also an opportunity to order exclusive jewelry based on photos, including master jewelers who are ready to order any products for you according to the latest collections of leading jewelry brands, but at their own prices, 10 times more democratic…


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