Where to store the original of the wills before death of testator


Где должен храниться подлинник завещания до кончины завещателя

Many property owners install during the life of the right to inheritance. To do so, executed the notarized will. Often the heirs do not even know about the existence of a will or who exactly decorated the property. When the testator dies, you need to find the original document or its copy, which shall keep the notary.

If a citizen wants to make someone his own property, it would require the drafting of a will. The signing of the document occurs only with witnesses. Further, the last will and Testament certified by a notary. The document has 2 copies. Original owned by the testator, and a copy of the original is kept in the notary’s office.

The testator has the possibility of processing the document in a different location, if there is a threat to his life. Then the document is certified by the head physician of medical institution where the treatment of the testator or the commander of the military unit where he is in the service. A similar procedure of certification is used when there is no possibility of the presence of a notary.

Где должен храниться подлинник завещания до кончины завещателяAny heir it is necessary to know, whether drawn up by the testator of the notary document. All official rights of heirs are protected by law. The original of the will is the testator, and a copy of a notary. The office keeps a copy until the death of the testator.

The lawyer after death has the right to open envelopes in the presence of relatives of the deceased. This can be done during the lifetime of the testator, since it violates the secrecy of the inheritance.

The structure of the notary serves as a guarantor of legality of the signed will. To the right of inheritance the citizen may, within 6 months from the date of death of the testator. There is an opportunity and a late entry into the ownership right, if the heir has a valid reason to delay the registration of rights of inheritance. The law gives the right to contest the inheritance, guiding lawsuits in the redistribution of property upon newly discovered circumstances.

If there is a new legitimate heir, then the property is divided over, even years later. Notarized forms can be stored for an unlimited period. They are legitimate, even if the notary is no longer working the signatory lawyer.

All the descendants of the deceased are required to send in place of writing a request to the notary chamber. If they don’t know the exact place will require Federal notary chamber.


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