What was the impact on Russian “defense industry” of the us sanctions


Насколько пострадала российская "оборонка" от американских санкций

“These sanctions must impose a burden on Russia for its actions. Protecting other States from buying Russian military technology and intelligence, we deprive Russia of income from such transactions, which it would use to continue its international campaign of malicious influence, and destabilization”, — reads the statement of the state Department.

New anti-Russian sanctions will be directed against foreign institutions engaged in large transactions in the defense sector and the intelligence of the Russian Federation.

“In General, sanctions will be mainly addressed against non-Russian structures, which are responsible for significant transactions with Russian defense and intelligence sector”, — stated in the state Department statement.

Russia already suffers losses from the failed defense deals after the entry into force of the law “On counteraction to opponents of the United States through sanctions,” said the state Department. “Since its entry into force, according to our calculations, a foreign government abandoned planned or announced purchases worth several billion dollars,” said state Department spokesman Heather Nauert.

How is a toxic way

“It’s hard to say what deals in the sales of weapons and military equipment broken and how great is the damage done to the Russian Federation”, — said the chief editor of the magazine “arms Export” Andrey Frolov. According to the expert, Russia and the United States are present in critical segments of the arms market, and the Americans have to beat on our weak spots.

But to say that any transaction through the efforts of the American side thwarted, at this stage it is impossible to tell. There are no signs, said Andrei Frolov.

However, according to the interlocutor “Газеты.Ru” the Americans and really strongly complicate the life of Russia, although to oust Moscow from traditional markets selling otechestvennogo, which, for example are China, India, Vietnam and Algeria, Washington will be difficult.

However, the Americans are working on all those fronts that bring Moscow a profit from the sales of weapons and military equipment. And this game, according to Andrei Frolov, for many years to come. In particular, all traditional buyers of Russian weapons offered exactly the same but American.

However, some results of the anti-Russian activities of the USA in the sphere of the arms trade are already evident. In particular, Russia no longer carries military equipment in such prestigious exhibition of arms and military equipment, which are the “Le Bourget” in France and “Farnborough” in the UK. The British have said that one of the biggest shows of the world “Farnborough-2018” the Russian aircraft will not. They simply won’t be allowed. Thus is formed a toxic image of the Russian Federation in the sphere of arms trade.

Potential buyers of Russian weapons from the United States offered the following choice: either they buy Russian weapons with large risks for themselves or the U.S. — slightly more expensive, but complete with confidence in the future.

“The world has already shared»

However, as suggested by Frolov, and in the case of acquisition by potential buyers of American weapons and military equipment are significant risks still exist. And this says at least the last case, when the United States withdrew its maintenance services of tanks “Abrams” in Iraq. In place of Iraq at any moment could be any country. In addition, it is unknown what bookmarks are present in the American weapons and how it will behave in a crisis situation.

Therefore, buyers need to determine in each case — or a reliable, well-proven in the battles of Russian weapons without the bookmark and tricks, or American, which can’t shoot at the right time.

The former chief of armaments of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation Colonel-General Anatoly Sitnov explained “Газете.Ru” that “the world has already shared”. “America has lost global leadership to China, and now the rapid pace of reformatting as world politics and economy. Russia is largely a moderator of this process, as it never aims to put some of the countries in a dependent position. Do not put such purposes and our sales of arms and military equipment, so many in the world want to deal with us. Purchase reliable, efficient and cheap Russian weapons are often one of the most important means for the preservation of state sovereignty and national identity. And already imposed sanctions against Russian defense industry is largely sobered our political and economic elite and became a stimulus for development of own production”, — said Sitnov.

“The United States is pursuing the ultimate pragmatism in its foreign policy and to counter Russian sales of weapons they will be approached purely selectively,” — said “Газете.Ru” the Director of the Center for analysis of strategies and technologies Ruslan Pukhov. According to experts, it is unlikely the USA would complicate relations with India is a traditional buyer of Russian weapons. This country Washington is considering as a counterweight to the rapidly growing geopolitical weight of China.

But as, for example, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, the leaders of these States still think twice to buy Russian weapons or to abstain. And for that Washington can always find the right leverage. That is the American Declaration to protect other States from buying Russian military and intelligence technology give a wide scope to very specific interpretations, says Pukhov. Or, for example, there are countries equally ready to buy su-35, and F-15/16. However, one or two artfully created by Washington way, these States ultimately decide to buy American fighter.

Many well-informed domestic experts agree that the U.S. does not intend to conquer the Russian share of the arms market. They do not put before themselves such purpose. Selling weapons for US is a continuation of foreign policy, not profit, as in some other countries. Washington primarily sells weapons and military equipment to allies and friendly countries and is unlikely to be persistently knocking on the doors of Venezuela or China with offers to buy ships, fighter jets and tanks. The aim of the Washington is causing long-term damage to the Russian sales of weapons and military equipment, the creation of holes in the Russian budget, to patch that at relatively low energy prices would be very difficult to converge the sides “Газеты.Ru”.


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