What to eat Galkin and Pugacheva. What is the diet of the stars


Чем питаются Галкин и Пугачёва. Каков рацион звёзд

I guess everyone’s wondering how to eat Russian stars. So I was recently worried that question and I started looking for information how to eat in your family Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva together with their children.

Чем питаются Галкин и Пугачёва. Каков рацион звёзд

This is their table

As it turned out, their refrigerator is filled with expensive food that few ordinary people can afford, for example, Beluga caviar albino, marbled beef, etc., and the usual pickles, soups.

Despite the fact that they have a housekeeper (Yes, on weekdays, the housekeeper cooks them food) they can cook your own food on the weekends.

They love quite an ordinary dish, and Pugachev in General can’t do without marinovanyh cucumbers, sauerkraut.


Чем питаются Галкин и Пугачёва. Каков рацион звёзд

Here is the Kale, which loves Alla

Their children also eat quite normal food, I would say that is not very good, so daughter Lisa loves barley porridge cooked in water, and son, Harry, a lover of meat products, sausages and sausages, as well as cakes and preserves.

Well, Maxim watches his diet and tries to eat less meat and trying to put Harry on the same path, because he is a supporter of healthy food, which not only saturate the body, but also help to strengthen the immune system.

Despite this food Alla and Maxim are sometimes forced to adhere to strict diets to keep your body in shape, because they speak to the people and their appearance is important.

Even though they are the stars who earn six figures, but in terms of food have not zazvezdilsya. Yes, they have special diets that they are doctors, nutritionists, with which they come in good shape, but there is also food as simple and ordinary, such as raw carrots.

They also observe daily diet: Maxim and Alla eat at the same time, so food is better digested. They do not eat 4 hours before sleep, so the body is fully resting at night and in the morning it is easier to Wake up.


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