What do you mean Egypt for Russian tourists


To make it clear that Egypt represents for many of our citizens, enough to see the amount of Luggage, which these days is taken out of the sides of the emergencies Ministry, the defense Ministry and the company “Volga-Dnepr” on the Egyptian resorts.
The photo content is just one an-124 “Ruslan” delivered yesterday more than 5000 suitcases from Hurghada to Domodedovo airport. And these aircraft arrived more than ten. In recent days from Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada removed more than 300 tons of Luggage of passengers more than 140 (!!!) flights.
As you know, tourists on the Egyptian resorts are taken by a special flight and only have carry-on baggage, all baggage sending separately. Today, out of 80 thousand Russian tourists who were at the time of the crash MetroJet in Egypt, Russia exported nearly 50 thousandЧто значит Египет для российских туристов.

Actually, the entire Luggage out of Egypt delivered at the Vnukovo airport, where scheduled flights to airports of destination. But yesterday, weather conditions at Vnukovo could not take the an-124 and landed at Domodedovo airport as an alternate airport, where he was unloaded all the Luggage.
Luggage had to be temporarily placed in the zone of issue, highlighting all possible free space so that it does not interfere with the regular season arriving passengers.
It is encouraging that the Luggage is not dumped in the mountains, and neatly arranged, marked, fenced and guarded. Before I had time to make a few frames the iPhone as a security guard came up and asked to move away from the fence and not to removeЧто значит Египет для российских туристов.

Shipping baggage separately from passengers is carried out for security purposes after the suspected terrorist attack on the plane “Kogalymavia”.
Luggage each flight is loaded sequentially in the aircraft so that the Luggage particular flight was fully stocked and loaded.
All the Luggage of tourists coming in at the airports of Egypt reinforced the control using special equipment and handlers, then moves to the so-called “sterile” area.
Not allowed “breakdown” of baggage per flight for the carriage of various aircraft. Upon arrival, all things are registered by land services of the airport and stored in designated areas for subsequent transportation.
For the passengers of the Moscow region the Luggage will be delivered by regular flights from Moscow to airport of destination. On arrival, suitcases inform people services of the airport of destination. To Luggage delivery directly to addresses out of the box “Mail of Russia”

Что значит Египет для российских туристов.

On each piece of baggage on the departure from Egypt was fastened a tag indicating name, surname, address in Russia, flight number, departure date on the ticket, as well as a contact phone number and email address.Что значит Египет для российских туристов

Figures and photos…

I wonder who will be able to take Egyptian a piece of the tourist pie. What are the options?
Turkey? Cyprus? Bulgaria?
Jordan, Goa, Vietnam, Thailand, Israel?
Maybe the Crimea and Sochi?


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