What Belarusians say about the idea of “Bellegprom” close second-hand


Что говорят белорусы об идее «Беллегпрома» закрыть секонд-хенды

The number of second-hand stores in Belarus is growing rapidly. Last year these stores has become more 219. “Bellegprom” again requests the authorities to deal with second-hand. If last summer he proposed to toughen the terms of trade second-hand clothes, this time a group wants the regional and major cities of the “second” altogether closed. FINANCE.TUT.BY went shopping clothes second hand, I looked out there that now sell, and also asked buyers whether they “buy Belarusian products”, if “second” will be closed.

Что говорят белорусы об идее «Беллегпрома» закрыть секонд-хенды

The number of second-hand stores in Belarus in 2019 increased by almost 28%

In 2019, the growth rate of import of clothes and other things were in use, compared with 2018, increased by 17.7%. According to the national statistics Committee, such goods were imported 87.3 million dollars. At the end of last year, the Trade register number 1879 of shopping facilities that sell new things. 2018 more of them on 342. If we talk specifically about second-hand, their number in 2018 rose by almost 28%, or 219 of the objects to 1002.

Concern “Bellegprom” once again expressed the hope that the market of second-hand in Belarus is regulated. Last summer, the Chairman of the group Tatiana Lugina said that in stores with second-hand clothing in fact, 70% of new things.

— Why new clothes from Europe should not be taxed? — she asked a question.

Tatiana Lugina added that domestic producers are not afraid of competition in the part of second-hand stores and “convenience stores-toupees” (shops with cheap goods from Central Asia), but she has to be honest.

Later, the Chairman of the “Bellegprom” said that the company will not deal with second-hand stores and Asian stores. However, recently Tatiana Lugina voiced the idea that the second-hand shops should be removed from regional and major cities, with main streets.

Что говорят белорусы об идее «Беллегпрома» закрыть секонд-хенды

— We are for fair competition. If our businesses can withstand all the regulations, requirements, we check on all the safety indicators clothing, so in the market you want to all similarly worked, — explained Tatiana Lugina.

A second-hand dress many Belarusians. And if in Minsk people still have at least some alternative (work some higher in stores more often you can find a decent discount, in General, the selection is greater), beyond the capital second-hand is sometimes the only opportunity to dress up. We walked through Minsk “seconda”, ask the price, see what people are buying.

“The closure of second-hand stores think when our clothes are cheaper”

Tuesday at 10.00 a.m. at the second-hand store going people. Not the crowd, of course, but 10 people to the discovery has come: today the new arrivals.

— If you are on a complete change came, then I saw the crowd — smile and say sellers.

Buyers in second-hand stores are quite different: young mothers with children, students, middle-aged people. The product range is quite large: from coats and jackets to shirts, robes and swimwear. Product quality is decent. The prices are a little higher than, say, in the Lithuanian second-hand, but did not bite. For example, jeans with no visible signs of wear can be bought for 15-25 rubles, shirt or tunic for 7-15 rubles, lace — vest in just 7. Baby stuff very cheap. There are pajamas for 5 rubles, t-shirts for 3, little over 4 to 8 rubles. Prices are without discounts.

Что говорят белорусы об идее «Беллегпрома» закрыть секонд-хенды

People are already watching the clothes easier, for spring and summer. Asked what they think about the closure of second-hand stores in the big cities.

— We’re students. A little bit of money, so dress up here — tell two friends why they go to second-hand. — Things manufactured in Belarus, we do not buy at all because they are ugly and expensive. We would not like to “second” shut down.

Two more buyers also do not agree with the opinion of “Bellegprom”.

— Second-hand close is not worth it, says family-middle-aged couple. — Try to buy some flax Belarusian production… the Prices are terrible. Would cost less if we are buying your. And the closure of second-hand stores think when our clothes will become cheaper.

In some areas of Minsk in one place are several second-hand stores. For example, in the Robin on bell street for a distance of two hundred meters from each other were placed three such stores — in the house № 27, № 30 and № 38. This occurs in the silverfish, and near the Kamarouski market and near the metro station “Petrovschina”. The sellers of the shops say that this location does not affect the flow of customers.

Что говорят белорусы об идее «Беллегпрома» закрыть секонд-хенды

— The fact that next to another one second-hand, we do not interfere. We have different ways of working. They have valued the goods, its system of discounts. But in any case it is more expensive than ours. We sell on weight, — tell in second-hand in the Avenue of the Newspaper “Pravda”. The owner of our store network belongs to another major network. And they are also different way of working. Sometimes even that in one building are just two of our second — the buyers are there, and there. The buyer should have a choice: if he wants to buy by weight — it is to us, and want valued things — is neighbors.

The sellers say that the flow of customers in their stores is changing due to other circumstances.

For example, August and November are dead months because all their children to school collecting, buying utensils, form. But in other months, many come just for children’s clothes. “Second” in this regard, a very save people, continues the seller.

“That releases our industry, absolutely no need, clothing is expensive and terrible”

We have studied the range second-hand. The quality of things when compared with what it was even 5 years ago, has improved significantly — worn, pilling, stretching things there. But new — with labels — we have found.

— New things in second-hand shops a bit. Certainly not 70%, as once the media wrote, — says the seller. — If we get, for example, 25-30 kilograms of goods, in him one or two new things. And it is likely deposits from European stores. Often such things are defects somewhere in the smudge, the puff. We don’t bring the flow under the guise of second-hand clothes. Maybe some small entrepreneurs do, but in the networks of the runoff there, we only have “second”.

Что говорят белорусы об идее «Беллегпрома» закрыть секонд-хенды

Of all the goods, which are imported to their store, according to retailers, sold by 50%, maybe more. On time is not necessary.

— I love going to second hand stores, especially this one because it’s near home, says a loyal customer of the store. — It’s cozy and girls good work. And the prices view, what pleasant.

Customers also noticed that the quality of things second-hand has improved, becoming more branded items. New, according to buyers, meet, but most often it is something that has long been out of fashion — not that yesterday and the day before yesterday.

— No need to close second-hand, I’m personally very against it, — continues the interviewee. — Better “Bellegprom” will close. Because that’s what produces our industry, really no one should. Clothing is expensive and terrible. The sheer ugliness!

Another constant shopper of second-hand stores told me that come here just for the things of famous brands.

— I often fly to Italy 3-4 times a year. They see that our “second” there are so many branded items out there that are expensive. If there is, say, the price is 50 Euro here € 5, — says the girl. — I’m very bad attitude to the Belarusian clothes, it ages people. We are lagging behind in fashion from Europe for a few decades. It seems to me that when someone wears our clothes, then to his age added from 20 years.

Что говорят белорусы об идее «Беллегпрома» закрыть секонд-хенды

The shopper said that she doesn’t mind that this is not a new thing, because they are processed.

If you have someone who once wore a thing or even put on, just removed the label, did not wear, and passed, then there is nothing to worry. Do not have to buy new, said the girl.

“Worldwide welcome second-hand, because it is environmentally friendly, and only in Belarus, “second” evil”

Some people buy things second-hand, not only because it is cheaper, it is possible to find the original dresses, jackets and other branded clothing, but also for environmental reasons.

— Worldwide welcome second-hand, because it is environmentally friendly. And only in Belarus, “second” is evil, only here such stores want to close, — shares the opinion of the resident of Minsk Olga, who regularly buys clothes second hand. — Because recycling clothes is good. We produce a huge number of things, some worn a few times, and then throw away. And it’s just a disaster for the environment. So why should we forbid people to buy beushnye things that someone stuffed pocket? Maybe it is time to think about something other than money?

Что говорят белорусы об идее «Беллегпрома» закрыть секонд-хенды

The proposal to close the second-hand stores in the big cities revolted and the student of the medical University Catherine.

— Our producers are very strange policy: instead of striving to make the product better and cheaper, to work on the design and thus to attract the attention of buyers, they continue to produce what no one buys, but at the same time trying to block people’s access to alternatives, says the girl. I saw that people go for clothing in Europe, yeah, the urgent need to cut the limits for importation, and the cost and weight. Looked that from China order — limited amount at which a purchase is necessary to pay a fee. Noticed that people in second-hand stores began to dress — I propose to close. That is, we try in all ways to force people to buy something that is expensive and ugly, instead of making cheaper and more beautiful. Can’t think for yourself, peeped, how to sew in Europe, what kind of fabric are produced and used, prints make.

The student notes that almost all of our clothes are designed for young people, says she is fit only to grandmothers.

Even if the government shut down all “second”, all the shops with cheap imported goods, all sole traders, who trade in the markets, people still will not go for clothes of “Bellegprom”. Will sew on order, will carry contraband, as it was in the late 80s — early 90s. People still come up with something. Because beautiful and high-quality Belarusian things most people just have no money. And what is available, and the gift is not necessary.
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