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Online casino is a lucrative and competitive business and has fast-outpaced brick-and-mortar casino. Online casinos attract new customers with lucrative promotions and offers, little wonder millions of punters are wagering online right now – check it out at

For new players, you can expect plenty of bonuses to get you started, including welcome and no deposit bonuses. Casinos invent new promotions to be in the lead and ensure their existing customers remain loyal.

Reload bonus is one of the numerous bonuses offered to punters to keep them happy and loyal. This bonus is similar to the welcome bonus, but it is given to existing customers only. This blog will educate you on all you need to know about Reload slot Bonus.

What is Reload Bonus?

A reload bonus is an online casino bonus available to punters who have already deposited at an online casino. Reload bonuses can take diverse forms and can be available to players at different points during their gambling experience. A reload bonus is granted to players when they deposit more money in their online casino accounts.

A welcome bonus opens the door, a referral bonus gets online casinos more customers, and the reload bonus ensures that once all those customers are through the door, they remain loyal.

The reload bonus rewards players for their loyalty; otherwise, players might jump from one welcome bonus to another and never settle. The name gives us a clue into what it means – a new player has already ‘loaded’ his account with a deposit, so a ‘reload’ implies repeating that action.

Online casinos want you to “reload” your account and will offer you an incentive. There are no hidden motives behind this bonus; you must play enough on the site to “earn” your bonus.

As we said earlier, a reload bonus can come in several forms. Below are a few of the forms a reload bonus can take:

  •     deposit match
  •     deposit match plus bonus spins
  •     loyalty points
  •     cashback or any other reward the casino would like to include.

It’s good to note that casinos use the term ‘reload bonus’ differently, which can confuse a newbie. Next, we will show you how to reload bonuses work.

How Does Reload Bonus Work

It is always important to find out the details of any reload bonus and payment option bonuses before settling on your preferred payment method. Some reload bonuses are straight-up bonuses; you deposit into your online casino account, and you receive a certain amount in bonus from the casino.

However, other reload bonuses are linked to a specific payment method. Players must also take time to understand the wagering requirements that must be met to make funds won with this bonus withdrawable. These requirements vary from casino to casino and must be considered when gambling.

Some casinos will give you a flat amount, while others will give you a percentage amount. Let’s take, for example, an online casino that offers a weekly reload bonus with a $100 minimum and a $10 flat reward. In this casino, it is more profitable to make weekly deposits of $100 than a monthly deposit of $400. However, in a casino that gives monthly rewards of 10% on the first deposit over $100, it is more profitable to make a one-off deposit of $400.


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