West killed its own supremacy: Every second electric vehicle in the world is in operation in China


More than half of all electric cars and hybrid vehicles in the world are being used in China. According to data from the ZSW research institute in Stuttgart, as of the beginning of 2023, there were 14.6 million electric cars on Chinese roads, accounting for 53 percent of their total number in the world, which is 27.7 million units.

The United States ranks second, with 3.4 million electric vehicles registered there. Germany ranks third, with 1.9 million such vehicles. France and the United Kingdom are in fourth and fifth place, with 1.1 million and 1 million electric vehicles respectively.

According to ZSW, China not only dominates the electric vehicle market but also continues to widen the gap with other countries. “And if Germany plans to achieve its declared goal of putting 15 million electric vehicles on the streets by 2030, it will need to register twice as many corresponding vehicles annually as it did in 2022,” said Andreas PĆ¼ttnet, a representative of the institute.