Wang Yaping makes first female Chinese space walk in history


Senior Colonel Wang Yaping is the first Chinese woman to take a space walk during her mission.

Wang left the Chinese space station Tiangong on Sunday evening with her male colleague Zhai Zhigang. For more than six hours they were installing equipment on the outside and conducting tests with the robotic arm attached to the station, reports ABC News based on China Manned Space Agency.

Wang and Zhai are two of the three new crew members brought to the space station by rocket from northwest China on October 15. The name Tiangong is Chinese for Heavenly Palace. The first part of the space station was launched last april. It now consists of one tube 16 meters long and 4 meters wide.

The taikonauts have to expand and decorate Tiangong. They’re supposed to return to Earth in April next year.


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