Vivid pictures of the winners of LensCulture Art Photography Awards 2019. Photo


Best of the best.

Summed up the contest of artistic photography Art Photography LensCulture Awards 2019. The best declared the work of 38 photographers from 17 countries on six continents. In the work of the participants noted the fresh views that bring in the photo and new trends, along with trends that Harken back to the traditions of portrait and landscape genres.
1st place in the category “Series of photographs”, the project “x-ray vision vs. invisibility”. Author of the photo: Noelle Mason.

Cyanotype on watercolor paper on the smuggling of people across the U.S. border and Mexico.

2nd place in the category “Series of photographs” the project “American dream”. Author photo: Tom Keefer.

France gave the Statue of Liberty to the United States in 1886. An excerpt from the sonnet “the New Colossus” written by Emma Lazarus and engraved in 1903 on a bronze plaque mounted on the pedestal of the statue that welcomes all immigrants, says:

“Give us your poor, your poor,
Your oppressed masses, longing to breathe free,
Wretched refuse of your teeming shores,
Send these, the homeless, storm throw, me.
I raise my beacon at the Golden door!”

3rd place in the category “photo Series”, the “Sparrow of the by then” project “the amazing World with you: a field guide to the 21st century for birds, ferns and wild flowers”. Author photo: Amanda Marchand.

1st place in the category “Single image”. Rashid. Accra, Agbogbloshie. Author of the photo: Caroline Rapezzi.

Rashid is originally from the North of Ghana. She sells water at the dump Agbogbloshie workers, who need to put out the fire and cool the copper extracted from the burning of cables, wires and other devices.

2nd place in the category “Single image”. On the way to Shimoda. Author photo: David Houghton.

“On the way to Shimoda” – a series of pictures taken on the phone through the train window while traveling between the Japanese cities of Shinagawa and Shimoda.

Selection of the jury. “Athens, map dependencies from the Acropolis, 2009” from project “based”. Author of the photo: Miguel angel Garcia.

Selection of the jury. “Clean bricks hide dirty money” from the project “I need you more than you needed me.” Author of the photo: Edgar Martins.

Selection of the jury. From the project “delayed memories”. Author of the photo: adrián fernández milanés.

Selection of the jury. From the project “the Tourist”. Author of the photo: Carlo Rusca.

Finalist. “Hands” from the project “the Way of an honest man.” Author of the photo: Alexandra Lethbridge.

In the series “the Way of an honest man” photographer conducts a visual examination of the hidden language lies in the search for common, universal gestures and interpretations of non-verbal communication.

Finalist. “Chesterton, Indiana (for Conrad)” from the project “Linear design”. Author of the photo: Barry underwood.

Finalist. “The road is not marked minor” from the project “Legend”. Author of the photo: Chris Round.

In the episode “the Legend” photographer compares map symbols found on topographic maps, and real landforms.

Finalist. From the project “In the near future, nothing happens.” Author of the photo: clay Jordan.

Finalist. “6120 Wiltshire” from the project “Twenty-six billboards”. Author of the photo: Klaus Frahm.

Finalist. “Body art, rebellious confinement” from the project “Photo of the body: between the faces of the stitched souls.” Author of the photo: L Mikel Standbridge.

The author describes his work: “This series is about the relationship of bodies and photographs, creating a synergy between the photographed object and its physical representation”.

Finalist. “Peach veil” from project “Envelop”. Author of the photo: Medina Dugger.

To create a series of photographer inspired Muslim women in Lagos, Nigeria.

Finalist. From the cycle “Project.” Author photo: Michael Chesler.

“My work illustrates the time enclosed in the structure. Each covered two times that exist simultaneously,” – says the photographer.

Finalist. “Sidelhorn” from the project “Peaceful mountain.” Author photo: Michael Schnabel.

The top of Sidelhorn lies on the border between the cantons of Bern and Valais in Switzerland. “Under a dark sky I found peace of mind, which is not enough Alps in the light of day,” says the photographer.

Finalist. From the project “Exchange of brides”. Author of the photo: Pepa Hristova.

A series of “Exchange of brides” is a journey into an archaic world of contemporary Bulgaria, where the Orthodox tolerant of the Roma. Their families gather twice a year to present their daughters of marriageable age.

Finalist. The “Condenser” from the project “Technical nostalgia”. Author of the photo: Rebecca Hackmann.

Finalist. The “swallowtail” from the project “a watchful eye”. Author of the photo: Sanna Kannisto.

Finalist. “Shock”. Author of the photo: Shira gold.

The entered the first of eight episodes, which together form the project “Sorrow for good”, a visual presentation of grief after the death of the mother of the photographer.

Finalist. From the project “Wire education,” Dhaka, Bangladesh. Author photo: Sounak Das.

Finalist. From the project “Peasant history”. Author of the photo: Tami Xiang.

Zhou Fanya 6 years old, goes to kindergarten. Her parents are working in Shenzhen, reachable by train in 27 hours from her home town of Wanzhou. Over the past 5 years she saw their parents 4 times, each time 5 to 7 days during Chinese spring festival (New year). Series “Farm story” on the situation in which there were 61 million Chinese children left in the countryside in the care of grandparents, and parents only see once a year.

Finalist. The girl bear in the woods and a Girl-bear in the bedroom. Author of the photo: Ute Behrend.

The story was invented by the author of the “Girl bears”:
“Somewhere in North America or Canada there is a tribe of Indians, who wear their of Mature girls in large bearskins. They live next to an Indian village, along with other girls of the same age, being protected bear skins from the views of adults and boys. They even suggest to move awkwardly, like bears. In such a protected environment, girls can grow up safely and peacefully. They will determine when to remove your bear skin and become part of the community of adult women”.

Finalist. From the project “Retrotope”. Author of the photo: Anggun Shea.

A series of “Retrocopy” dedicated to the history of places that can be called both radical and conservative, remnants of the past of China and ambiguous characters of his often paradoxical present.

Finalist. “The wanderer”. Author photo: Daniel Servo.

Finalist. “In the cage of destiny”. In the refugee camp Nakivale in Uganda. Author of the photo: Abby Amir.

Finalist. From the project “Beauty will save the world.” Author of the photo: Guzel Ismatova.

Finalist. “To Pull”, Lofoten, Norway. Author photo: John Andreas Godwin.

Finalist. “Encounter”. Author of the photo: Kyunghee Lee.

Finalist. Still life. Author photo: Philip conducted quick and.

Finalist. “Mushroom”. Author of the photo: Rod Evans.

Finalist. “In search of courage” from the project “Not in Kansas”. Author photo: Vicki Martin.

The series of staged photographs inspired by the persistent and independent character Dorothy from “the wizard of Oz.”


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