Vimba river Kudepsta


The water is very clean and transparent with a bluish-turquoise hue. You can catch literally priglyadno, watching as moving flocks of fish of different sizes.

In this river is quite a large range of very different fish. There are Podust, Chub, barbel, trout, gudgeon, bleak, minnow, roach-bystryanka, the bullhead. At the mouth of the river comes the mullet-astrono and the lobes mullet and carp with the local name “white”.

But the distinguishing feature is the presence of a large number compared to other nearby rivers, vimba. Externally this fish is very similar to the Podust, but has a wider body shape. In addition, it is not the fish, to the fishing which can be treated superficially.

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My task was not only to catch fish but also to teach the art of catching vimba passionate about fishing Alain. The previous experience of fishing together with her, I saw that the fish literally bite her positive attitude and the ability genuinely to admire everyone even the most insignificant event fishing.

Simply put, it’s just a lucky guy. Now, my professional skills plus her good luck – all this together could not give the result.

One of the main components of the success of fishing in small mountain rivers of Sochi has always been a very collected right tackle and bait accurately matched.

Superdelegate deaf float tackle should consist of very light, good shock-absorbing qualities fast and sharp rod with a very fine tip length of 4.5 – 5 meters.

This rod should help you to implement lightning-fast trip and a decent draw out the fish with a very thin leash. I have to say that it is better to choose semi-professional rod, and it won’t be cheap.

The main fishing line 0,12 – 0,14 mm and the length of the rod. In some cases, you can do the main line half a meter long rod. To connect the main fishing line with the tip of the rod better to use a special tip with fixed eyelet.

At the end of the main fishing line also fit the eyelet, and the connection is made “loop the loop”.

Float under the load of 0.5 – 0.75 grams in the form of a small cask for fishing on medium, and fast flow. Perfect color float black and only the time for better visibility can be bright colors. Sometimes you have to catch at a depth of 0.5 meters and less, so the length of the float should be no more than 4 – 5 cm.

The leash, as the basic scaffold, it is better to use fluorocarbon as less visible in the water. The diameter of 0,09 – 0,11 mm. the length of the leash should ideally be at least 0.5 m. However, when fishing on small depth you have to place your float on the leash.

The load in the form of pellets, corresponding to the size of the float, fixed on a distance of 20-25 cm from the hook. The hook on a thin wire with a short shank better in black or grey No. 12 – 16 depending on the model and manufacturer.

Why am I so dwell in detail on the device gear? After many years of practice I have watched dozens of times for the visiting fishermen. They all tried to “catch something” using a harsh snap. Perhaps they were spoiled picky fish of the Middle Band, and perhaps just didn’t want to go into detail about the local fishing. Anyway, the result of catching them often turned out to be zero or minimal.

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As bait for catching vimba, you can use maggots, thin manure worm, bread when fishing with bait and larvae of mayflies. Trying to catch on maggots and worms, we went straight to the larvae of mayflies.

Collect them here, in shallow water, turning over small stones. This is one of the most efficient baits but at the same time, this is a delicate, weakly holding on the hook and perishable bait. The hook is worn for 1 – 3 larvae depending on their size. Moreover, to mask the sting of the hook in the body of this bait is not necessary.

Vimba went visible small flocks interspersed with Podust and bleak, so we tried to catch there, where I saw more fish. Despite the large crowd, she was in no hurry to be tempted by our baits.


Photo: Gennady Shelyag.

Had to find the right place with the average flow and depth meters, where the fish are not as afraid of our movements and silhouettes.

Should have done a pass over the head of the flocks, as she immediately ran in different directions. An indispensable rule to make casts upstream and fusing the snap-in to the Parking lot of fish, it was necessary to observe always. The pitfalls and irregularities of the bottom were not allowed to set a perfect depth.

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Nevertheless, the first trophies began to slowly fill our tank. First got bleak, and her long-awaited vimba. The indignation of my companion, about “why so many fish and it does not bite”, was replaced with excitement and complete absorption process of fishing.

The result is the most worthy trophies caught it. After previous trips that I wasn’t even surprised.


Photo: Gennady Shelyag.

For anybody not a secret that in addition to experience and professionalism there is something else that greatly affects the success of your fishing. And this “something” cannot be seen and touch.


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