Vera Brezhnev showed looks like without makeup


The singer delighted fans of cute photo.

On Instagram, the singer shared a current photo that really touched her numerous followers.

Signed Vera new photo: “Yesterday happened to me unexpected happiness. My loved ones did surprise me. I was on location in St. Petersburg. And in the morning we went to the rehearsal and found herself in a great location. In the village of Chaplino in Volkhov district. The house in which I was not 30 years, but where he spent many days of his happy childhood. There lived my great-grandmother Kate, which we visited with grandma Faith. After 30 years, I remembered every nook and cranny, every rug, even a tree. The house is not sold,on the contrary, much left as was, it continues to live her great-aunt Faith is Nina. Yesterday was waiting for me there. These sensations impossible to convey. Present child carefree… Amazing memory. In the decades reconstructs the events to the last detail. Yesterday I again spent the day at grandma’s. Where the same smells. My favorite house in the village.”.

In review Faith, showered with compliments and not only for appearance, and for showing such personal photos.

Style, spelling and punctuation Vera Brezhneva saved.


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