(one school story from real life).


– Mom, can we go to another city?
– Vanya, what are you?
Well, in any such city where all like us.

– Well, what is the city, Vanya?


– Mom, this is a city where all the dads work in construction.
Lisa put the eggs before him, cut some bread and sat down at the table across from him. Vanya did not start to eat. He looked at the sad mother of a huge and very blue eyes.

– What happened, Ivan? Are you being bullied? In school? Yes?


– No, mom, I will not offend, – said Ivan, looked down, and broke off a piece of bread, in order to vilakati yolk.

The apartment in which they lived Perminova, went to the father’s Vani inherited. It was a small one-bedroom single room, near metro station “Svyatoshino”. The house was very old, long served for more than it is necessary. Such houses are many in Kiev and, apparently, more than one generation of children will be played in their muddy yards, and another generation of parents will be cursing utilities because the house is never hot water.


The school Ivan went on foot. She was just down the road, in the yards of the neighboring block, and to not go more than fifteen minutes. But for almost four months, all of the first and second quarter, Vanya spent on the road twice. He almost always, in all these months, late for first lesson. The reason for these constant delays was Kolka Gorbatyuk – the main boy in the class who was the best in gym class, liked the girls and had the most expensive phone is the latest model. He appeared in the school only this year.


In the first lesson, the First of September Svetlana Ivanovna, head teacher 5-b class, presented Kohl Gorbatyuk of the pupils in their class and immediately, literally from the first weeks of classes, nick has become a thing. In the second week of classes, he had a fight with Petka Kolmogorov. The fight was fair, after school, behind the school, alone and in the presence of almost all boys class. Admittedly the boys, watching the fight, nick won a complete victory. Petya was weaker. Nick fought really hard and quite broke into the blood Petka nose.


Immediately after the fight, the entire internal structure of the relations in the class have changed. Kolka was the main, and many of the boys sought his friendship, and girls waiting for his attention.


Adults are always and invariably, watching as their children grow, make the same error: everything, or almost everything that happens in their children’s lives, seems to them frivolous and passing. Adults already lived and childhood, and adolescence, and for most of her adult life, too get used to the fact that everything will pass, and even more will pass his childhood and youth. Emotion, excitement and tragedy of their children, they are perceived as something frivolous and, almost always, listen to their stories about their child or youth’s life as though on a tangent, not really immersed in the circle of life which children live. It is this lack of insight and empathy, i.e. the lack of cohabitation of children’s lives as adults, and is the main cause of the lack of understanding between parents and their children.


Children do much more than adults live in the present. For them, the future is not decisive. As soon as the child manifests the first signs of consciousness and self-consciousness, he suddenly begins to reveal itself around the huge world that is already full of impressions and colors. The future is starting to manifest itself already in his youth, and the older the child becomes, the more he becomes similar to that of adults is their experience of that and how it will be tomorrow – in the future?


At eleven years old, in fifth grade Vanya is and perceive life. Rather he just lived it. Life, the center of which was a school and everything in it happened. Have a mom and dad who always was and always will be. There is a courtyard, and the desire for as long as possible to walk on the street. There is mushroom picking and fishing with his father, but the most important thing happening in the school and it will always be, and nothing else will, and nothing else is as important as what happens at school today.


Vanya, too, was among the boys who watched the famous fight. He wholeheartedly rooting for Petka. They are not that friendly, but were buddies. Kolka same van didn’t like it. It has its inception in school, I just wanted the van to push or make fun of him.


As soon as the fight started as soon as nick threw the first strong and direct hit Pete in the face, Vanya something went cold inside, it was caught cold, as Kolka was mercilessly beaten Pete. Ivan had seen the fight, and himself took part in them, but it wasn’t. Fight portfolios, jostled, fought, but that’s it: right in the face, and hard, fist, and elbow, and with such anger! Vanya is seen for the first time.


The fight ended when Peter, unable to withstand the pressure your opponent just fell to the ground and curled into a ball, hid smeared with blood and tears face, covering his hands from the blows which the army continued to attack with passion and rage. None of the boys did not dare to stop him.


And when Kolka, already ceasing to strike, straightened over lying on the ground by Peter, the expression on his face, distorted with anger, hands diluted in hand with compressed and stained in blood with his fists, his whole appearance was so unusual and scary that the boys seemed quite numb. No one said anything. You can hear the cry of the defeated Petit and heavy breathing Kolka, which is still some time remained in place, gradually calming down.


Vasili Alexandrovich Volga


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