Valve makes a Royal battle based on Counter-Strike


Valve делает королевскую битву на основе Counter-StrikeThe first traces of “Survival” in CS:GO found before the official announcement PUBG.

Once the main games in the Steam was creation itself Valve. However, over the past few months, the king has changed: the number of simultaneous users now leads by a landslide PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds. But perhaps PUBG will have to make room on his throne, when Valve will launch its Royal battle.

Channel Valve News Network has published a video, which parses the updates for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive over the past year and a half. Everything points to the fact that Valve now actively engaged in a kind of a Survival mode. Traces stretching back to may 31, 2016 — the day when the patch came out with the first set of collectible badges for CS:GO.

Since CS:GO has gone through several major updates, which appeared more and more tails from “Survival”. For example, pieces of code indicate that in the mysterious mode used composite bows, unarmed combat, light and heavy armor, syringes with epinephrine, sonar, beacons, night vision goggles and so on.

That “Survival” is the analogue of the battle Royal, suggests a kind of map of “the Island”, which in CS:GO at the moment, but it is mentioned in the game files. In addition, enthusiasts discovered a number of settings related to the radius of the combat zone, as beyond this radius, the division’s match phase, and dropped from parachutes ammunition. Sounds like the typical attributes of the battle Royal!

It should be noted that the first traces of “Survival” in CS:GO found before the official announcement PUBG (and especially to its explosive popularity), so the idea of Valve can not be called a direct response to the game Brendan Greene (Brendan Greene).

Author Valve News Network suggests that the battle Royale will allow Valve to increase the power of CS:GO in China. In the end, it was after the launch PUBG when Steam began to dominate users from China.


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