USB-IF announces new USB-C standard for high power devices


The new standard for USB-C cables gives the cables a lot more power to charge devices. With the current standard, USB-C cables can transmit power up to 100 watts, but that will be increased to a maximum of 240 Watts after the upgrade, the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) announces on its website.

By increasing the power, for example, it is less necessary to use a large adapter when charging a laptop. The increase to 240 watts is also useful when connecting large monitors, printers and gaming laptops, which often consume a lot of energy.

Version 2.1 of the USB-C standard is called by the Extended Power Range by the USB-if. People who want to use this will have to buy new cables equipped with the increased power. When these new USB-C cables come on the market is not yet known.

The USB Type C was announced in late 2013, after which it took years for the standard to be found in devices. Unlike USB cables of another type, such as USB Type A, the connectors are thinner and have no bottom or top, making it no matter how they are inserted into devices.

Nowadays, many products use USB-C. For example, they are found in many smartphones, but they are also used to charge laptops.


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