Up to 30 thousand victims: a geophysicist has warned of a strong earthquake


До 30 тысяч пострадавших: геофизик предупредил о сильнейшем землетрясении According to scientific predictions the number of people killed will be not less than 14 thousand people.

Geophysicist Richard Aster concerned about the approaching catastrophe. He noted that now the probability of strong earthquake is very large, be prepared for the worst especially need California residents, as there is the unfortunate fault.

System San Andreas is already strained. Tremors definitely happens suddenly, their strength will be a record. In the terrain model, especially the active zone is depicted in red. The expectations of the Professor, there is the force of the earthquake will exceed 6.7 points.

January 23 Alaska felt strong aftershocks (up seven points). It was the first sign of impending doom. People, according to the Professor, don’t even realize the danger. The earthquake will be able to destroy all buildings within a radius of 150 kilometers.

Concerning the victims: experts predict 14 thousands of deaths and wounded about 30 thousand. I hope the authorities are already preparing for the worst. Timely response is the key to saving lives. Experts believe that services will start to move only after the first push that would take the first human life.


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