Unique house invisible from all over the world. Photo


Уникальные дома-невидимки со всего мира. ФотоIn the world there are unique houses, which are securely hidden from prying eyes.

In the world there are many people who prefer to avoid the company of their own kind. They are called introverts and socially anxious. Some of them just limit the circle of communication. But there are those who build houses that are hidden so well that they are almost impossible to find.

1. House in the rock (Beirut, Lebanon)

Уникальные дома-невидимки со всего мира. Фото

The idea of building such an unusual house appeared in 2015. However, first the project seemed impossible. However, the head of a major Lebanese real estate Agency believed that nothing is impossible. This house not only has the pool and underground Parking.

2. Hotel in the trees (Harads, Sweden)

Уникальные дома-невидимки со всего мира. Фото

“Treehotel” is a unique hotel, which is located in the middle of a pine forest. Its walls are tiled with a mirror coating, so it’s virtually invisible. But in order that the birds could “see” the building, the glass was plastered with infrared film.

3. House under the ground (Austin, Texas, United States of America)

Уникальные дома-невидимки со всего мира. Фото

This house feels like a dugout of the future, no wonder he belongs to the American science fiction writer. Despite the fact that the house is practically underground, it has everything you need for a comfortable life.

4. The house on the roof of the shopping center (Hunan, China)

Уникальные дома-невидимки со всего мира. Фото

These houses can only be seen from above. They are located on the roof of a huge shopping center. The Chinese explain this architectural solution to overpopulation and lack of space.

5. The cave house (Vals, Switzerland)

Уникальные дома-невидимки со всего мира. Фото

Underground house in the Swiss Alps.


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