Unconditional basic income – a myth or reality?


Безусловный основной доход - миф или реальность?

Head of corporate messenger Slack’s Stewart Butterfield entered at par with mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk after he spoke in support of unconditional basic income (BoD). According to Butterfield, the underlying payments contribute to the growth of entrepreneurial activity and should be available to everyone.
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In favor of Bode, the head of Slack Stewart Butterfield spoke during a debate in his microblog on Twitter. Co-founder of Lambda School Austin Allred noticed that most of the larger companies appeared due to the family savings of their founders. Butterfield said: “do Not have to have a lot of money. Even a small financial “safety cushion” gives a powerful jolt of entrepreneurial activity”.

About the relationship of business activity with the underlying payout written by many sociologists and economists. In Kenya, the experiment with pod proved that even the minimum benefits the person pushing entrepreneurship. A Dutch historian, Rutger Bregman compares AML with venture capital for the individual.

The head of the Slack I am sure that BAUD, you can enter along with other social reform, including free higher education and health care. However, higher education Butterfield finds the smallest value in comparison with free medicine: “Many people are happy and successful without higher education, while dead people are dead.”

The introduction of Boda, as well as other social guarantees, some experts associated with the inevitable increase in taxes. But there is another perspective — futurist Zoltan Istvan and founder of Facebook mark Zuckerberg believe that the source of funds for basic income should be the income from natural resources — it goes to the state, but citizens also have a right to it. Istvan has in mind not only oil and gas, but also land that can be leased. Like Zuckerberg, Stephen cites the example of Alaska, where residents get an analogue of Bode. At least 25% of the profits from oil extraction in the region goes into a Permanent Fund, and then distributed among all the residents of Alaska. Due to this, every year each Leskinen gets about $1,000.


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