Ukrainian car market showed a significant increase in sales


Украинский авторынок показал существенный прирост продажIn Ukraine increased sales of new cars.

In the first month of 2018 were sold 6.6 thousand new cars that on 37% more than in January last year.
Ukrainian car market during the first month of 2018 showed a significant increase in sales. On Thursday, February 1.

Thus, in January 2018 were sold in Ukraine 6.6 thousand new cars. That’s 37 percent more than in January last year.

The leader of the first month of 2018 was the Japanese brand Toyota. The result – 941 sold on the Ukrainian market of new cars. In comparison with January of last year, the demand for Toyota increased by 91 percent.

Second position at Renault – 589 PCs. Growth compared to the same period last year amounted to 21 percent.

In third place Volkswagen. The owners of new car in January, it was 576 Ukrainians (30 percent growth).

With sales growing 56 percent in the fourth place in popularity took Nissan, the cars that chose 447 buyers.

The top five leaders of the month Skoda – 438 PCs (+ 55%).

Also in the top 10 in January were: Mazda – 321 PCs (+ 84%); KIA – 312 PCs (+ 2%) Ravon – 306 PCs (+ 212%); Audi – 286 PCs (+ 175%) and Suzuki – 277 PCs (+ 147%).

The best-selling car in January was Volkswagen Golf, it is his choice to 318 buyers.


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