Ukraine will simplify the import of cars collection


В Украине упростят ввоз коллекционных автоIn Parliament appeared immediately three bills on collectible cars

After Ukraine temporarily abolished the tax on imported electric vehicles, the Verkhovna Rada can make life easier and collectors of old cars. Recently registered in the Parliament three bills that, first, introduce the historical concept of the car, and second, cancel at their import VAT, excise duty and taxes upon import.

“Analogues of such laws there are in the UK, and in Poland and in Germany. The state museums we have subsidized by the state. And when it comes to vintage cars, no one subsidizes. And enthusiasts who keep cars at least exempt from import tax” – said in a public organization “the Union of motorists of Ukraine” (ACS).

Historical car lawmakers propose to consider a vehicle that was made 40 years ago or before, plus his model should not be performed a minimum of 25 years.

If the car meets these criteria, it can be imported without paying VAT, excise and customs duties.

To decide what is historical and what is not, under the bill, will be special expert organization. Requirements rigid enough. First, experience: not less than 20 years of experience in the field of “preservation, enhancement and development of the historical vehicles.” Second, membership in the International Federation of historical vehicles (FIVA) or the International automobile Federation (FIA). And the third point — in the guide should not be officials working in bodies of state power or local self-government.

It turns out that under these criteria fall clubs of retromobiles, many of which exist for decades.

“Perhaps it will be some public Association. But the requirements on the age of the car and the one who determines the historicity specified in the bill, is not final. The Verkhovna Rada should adopt the law and to instruct the Cabinet to develop, exactly who gives an opinion on the car. But the main thing here is not even the abolition of taxes, and the fact that such cars it will be possible to register to get plates and drive them. Also in the law on inspection introduced that these vehicles are not subject to inspection on a General basis, because it is a special car and the responsibility for its condition lies with the owner. If these vehicles are allowed for road use, they must be insured,” says economist, member of the Board of “SAU” Valentine Ingul.

Also for the import of historic vehicles will cancel the rule requiring that they conform to the norms of Euro-5.

The bill says that, depending on the period of release of cars will be divided into classes:

class A (veteran) — vehicles manufactured up to 31 Dec 1918;
class B (vintage) — vehicles manufactured between 1 January 1919 to 31 December 1930;
class C (“bestvintage”) — vehicles manufactured between 1 January 1931 to 31 December 1945;
class D (the”post -“) — vehicles manufactured between 1 January 1946 and 31 December 1960;
class E (“sixties”) to vehicles manufactured between 1 January 1961 to 31 December 1970;
class F (“seventies”) — vehicles manufactured from 1 January 1971 to January 1, 1987.

Also a lot will depend on the originality of the vehicle. In short, the division propose to do this:

– original — all parts and technical components never changed from the moment of production. Important the car must be almost worn out;
authentic — auto operation, but never restored. All nodes in the original, may be replaced on some of the same parameters. Allowed repair of body panels, paintwork and upholstery;
– restored — a car assembled from parts of one or more of the most suitable cars. Some nodes may be produced anew in the process of recovery. Internal and external appearance should correspond to the period of production;
– remade — in vehicles have parts from one or more vehicle of the same model or type that best suit the manufacturer’s specifications. Original parts can be replaced in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications.

The consequence of these rules is an important point: if the owner of a vintage car in it something changed so that the machine lost its historic status (and it will tell the expert), then the owner will have to pay all the taxes, from which he was released.

According to collectors, the law will give impetus to the expansion of exposures. However, they wonder why mention it only now, but also do not believe that the bill will not be “buried” under a pile of more important.

“Such a bill was in Parliament in 2005, but then before him nobody cared. And now some of our members are fond of collecting old cars. Some keep very good collection. That is probably want to bring the machine not through grey dealers, and officially,” – said the head of Zaporizhzhya club of retro cars “Phaeton” Gregory Onopchenko.

But ordinary motorists believe that even though the initiative of the law is good in itself, but the condition on age is “not less than 40 years” is too much.

“By this time the old-timers become expensive to consider such a car as an investment. The correct term, as in Germany, 30 years. Then you can buy a car in good condition, invest in it and after 10 years, it will have value. 40-year-old cars in Germany are now 10 and 12 thousand euros, as are considered collectible. Among 30-year-old has a choice at a sane price. Cars after 1996 already not designed for a long lifespan. So if something is legendary, it is now, while the Germans and the Belgians are in good condition. Valuable – the Europeans, the Americans, the British car,” said auto expert Vladislav Bovsunovskiy.

We will remind as earlier noted by experts, the abolition of import taxes will increase the demand for electric cars in Ukraine. From VAT and excise duty electric cars are exempt for a year until 31 December 2018. The Parliament also freed from VAT taxi service with electric cars and rentals and leasing electric cars. However, these changes still must be signed by the President.


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