UFO discovered real aliens on the moon


Уфолог обнаружил настоящий город инопланетян на ЛунеWell-known ufologist George Graham shared on his YouTube channel a new video where he talked about the next discovery.

So, in the picture of the Chinese interplanetary station “Chang’e-3,” he saw something unusual, reminiscent of the aliens.

The expert just increase the picture and see the multi-colored domes. It is noteworthy that the distance between some of the “settlements” are the same, and this in nature is very rare. Photo has no processing and is published without any filters, says the ufologist.

The discovery of the alien city is a kind of confirmation of the previously appeared information that the Moon — an artificially created body, which is currently home to about 250 million aliens.

Users ‘ opinions regarding the opening, as always, divided. Someone 100% sure that aliens don’t exist, and someone been thinking about the bases of humanoids on the moon.


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