TSMC benefited from strong demand on Apple phones


The strong demand for Apple’s newest iPhones was good news for Taiwanese chip maker TSMC. The major Apple sub-contractor reported a record turnover in the last quarter, aided by the strong demand for Apple devices suitable for the new 5G network.

In the final quarter of 2020, TSMC achieved a turnover of 361.5 billion Taiwanese dollars, converted to EUR 9.2 billion, so it could be calculated from the monthly sales figures. The December month alone accounted for a turnover of 117.4 billion Taiwanese dollars. Despite the record turnover, market experts had expected a little more. Especially because of the great enthusiasm with which Apple’S 5G-iPhones were received.

The proceeds for the whole year came to 1.3 trillion Taiwanese dollars. This meant an annual increase of 25%. On January 14, the company announced its profits.

The strong demand for the new iPhones already gave impetus to other Apple suppliers. Previously, it was also Taiwanese Hon Hai Precision, the official name of electronics manufacturer Foxconn, with much better quarterly results. Foxconn is responsible for the assembly of most iPhones and iPads.

The Anglo-German chip maker Dialog Semiconductor recently raised its expectations. This is because of the good sales prospects for smartphones and tablets that are suitable for 5G.


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