Trump team distances from Sidney Powell


Donald Trump’s law team is distancing itself from Sidney Powell, after wild claims of voter fraud. Although she recently held a press conference with Rudy Giuliani, Giuliani’s team now says that Powell is not one of them.

“Sidney Powell works as a lawyer alone,” is in a brief press release from the team. “She’s not part of Trump’s legal team.”

On 14 November, President Trump tweeted that Powell had been added to” a truly fantastic team of lawyers and representatives ” led by Giuliani. He won’t tell me why he’s distancing himself from her now.

American media speculate that some of Powell’s unsubstantiated allegations may have been too grandiose even for Giuliani, although in the past he has also made unfounded accusations about the elections. In the press conference he held with her, Powell stated without proof that Venezuelan leader Hugo Chávez had the software of American voting machines designed.

She also said she would prove voter fraud “of biblical proportions” in Georgia and demanded the resignation of Republican governor Kemp in the state, because he would have made a Biden victory possible. Her announcement to blow up Georgia has so far failed.

President Trump has yet to comment on Giuliani’s message. As Powell is currently banned from Twitter, she has Michael Flynn respond. The disgraced general is her client.

“She understands the press release and agrees,” tweets Flynn. “She continues to try to prove the massive ballot fraud that has robbed the people of their votes for president Trump.”

Last weekend, president Trump lost another important trial over the state of Pennsylvania. That means that more than 30 cases he has filed have come to nothing.


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