Trump deploys 1950s law to produce millions of cotton swabs


US President Donald Trump is going to use the so-called Defense Production Act from the 1950s to have ten million cotton swabs produced per month, Trump announced at a press conference on Sunday. These cotton swabs are used in corona tests.

The law of war was introduced immediately after the start of the Korea War and gives the U.S. President the right to keep US-made equipment domestically.

In the United States, there is a shortage of test material, including cotton swabs. Governors of several states have complained that they cannot perform enough corona tests due to these shortages.

While some states in the US are gently easing corona measures, governors of other states are calling for them to wait until there is no shortage of test material.

Vice President Mike Pence said on Sunday that there are already enough corona tests available. States can begin gradually easing measures if the other criteria are met, according to Pence.

For example, the number of new infections in the state must have decreased for at least fourteen consecutive days, and hospitals must have sufficient capacity to treat all corona patients.


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