Trump blasts Elon Musk as a ‘bullshit artist’


Donald Trump (76) is once again in a distributing mood. And he has a new prominent target: tech billionaire Elon Musk (51).

The ex-president called the Tesla founder a “bullshit artist” at a campaign event in Alaska on Saturday. The reason for Trump’s unflattering verdict: Musk’s announcement that he would break his deal with Twitter. The richest man (fortune: 210 billion euros) had offered 44 billion dollars to buy the social network. But now Musk wants to get out of the contract. The reason: There are more fake accounts than Twitter originally stated.

Trump, who is currently trying to push through his candidates for the congressional elections in the fall among the Republicans in order to prepare his third run for the White House in two years, said at the rally: he had predicted that the Twitter deal would not come about.

“He had a lousy contract,” the eloquent ex-president said of the agreement that Musk had reached with the Twitter bosses. Trump: “I looked at the contract. Not a good contract.“

Trump, who used to be a quick-fire Tweeter like Musk, urged listeners to rather join his social network. “Sign up for Truth Social. It’s hot as a gun,” he said of his platform.

An ice-cold lie. According to “MarketWatch”, Truth Social only has a whopping 520,000 active daily users. A laughingstock compared to Twitter, which aims to have a daily user base of 217 million.

Trump also claimed that Elon Musk voted for him in the presidential election in November 2020. “You know, he said the other day that he never voted Republican. I said, ‘This is new to me. He told me he voted for me.‘“

Trump goes on about Musk. “That is, he is another nonsense head.“

The relationship between the two billionaires has been strained for a while. And this despite the fact that the Tesla BOSS had sharply attacked both President Joe Biden (79) and the Democrats (“Party of hatred”) in a tweet.

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Musk also announced after his offer to buy Twitter that he would lift the ban on Donald Trump if he had taken over the social network first. But Trump coolly refused. He prefers to stick with “Truth Social”.

Then, last month, Musk said he would invest about $200 million in the 2024 presidential campaign. But his preferred candidate is not Donald Trump, but the governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis (43). DeSantis is considered the Republican who has the best chance of beating Donald Trump in the intraparty primaries. Since then, the fronts between Trump and Musk have been clarified.


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