Top mistakes to avoid when buying a kurti


Are you looking to purchase a kurti? The popular choice of attire remains a very attractive option for many people. But buying a kurti off the rack or from your favorite online retailer is not as smooth as you would expect. There are many decisions and details you will need to consider when buying a kurti beyond the color and design. Kurtis can be sensitive to the wearer, with some options only being well suited for some people.

So, how do you know if a kurti is well suited for you? Can you guarantee a great fit even when you do not try on your kurti beforehand? Here are some of the top mistakes to avoid helping you find a great fit for your needs.

How to find the best kurti for you

You can hardly go wrong when buying a kurti, right? It would seem that you would only have to consider the length of your kurti, style and other aspects of your design to get the right match. But like any other attire, buying the right kurti for your needs goes beyond that. In fact, you would be more likely to get the wrong kurti for your style and needs than you would most other items of clothing.

While kurtis will appear straightforward, there are a lot of decisions that should go into your decision. Not every style will be well suited for formal wear, for instance. While the rayon flared kurtis will be better suited for some body types and uses, a full gown kurti or flared option could be a better fit for others. Some kurti lengths may be also be unideal for some people.

So, how do you find the right kurti? Here is a breakdown of the most common mistakes to avoid.

Finding the right length

The right kurti length will be subjective. Some kurti lengths may be too short, while others can be lengthy. The right kurti length for you will depend on your height, but your taste should also play a part in your decision. Kurtis are usually knee length, but shorter options can be ideal for people who work out regularly and have toned feet. You should always feel comfortable in a desired kurti length, even if this means going for a gown length option.

Getting the right fabric

Style and design will dictate appeal for your attire, but the fabric and handiwork can determine longevity. Well made clothes also look and fit better, which makes them a great fit. When buying your kurti, it is important to look into the fabric and quality of craftsmanship. Ladies who sweat more often could even choose a kurti fabric that is better suited for them. For instance, cotton Kurtis could be a breathable and comfortable option than synthetic choices. Finding the right cotton kurti in a great hue could help you be less likely to experience or show perspiration.

Determining the right sleeve length and type

Have you decided between mega sleeves, straight sleeves, bat sleeves or bel sleeves? There are a variety of sleeve options available, with Kurtis cut to different sleeve lengths as well. The right sleeve length will depend on your height and arm length. You should always consider options of at least medium length, which will cover a significant part of your arm. If you are looking for lengthier options, a 3/4 sleeve can be a stylish option. Formal kurti wear will tend to go better with longer sleeves, and this can be a good rule of thumb for shoppers.

Getting the right style for your body type and shape

Like any other clothing option, finding a great kurti off the rack or web can be tough. You will need to look into more than a few options to find one that suits your body shape and size. While the latest kurti trend might look very attractive, not all options will work best for every woman. Finding the right kurti begins with understanding your body shape and taking measurements. There are enough kurti types for tall, round pear, triangular and petite women, with different designs for the perfect fit. If you do not know whether or not a kurti style will be ideal for you, you can always look into different kurti styling options to help you out.

What kurti styling options are available?

There are over 30 styling options available, allowing every woman to find the right kurti for them. Here is a detailed overview of some of the latest kurti trends to help you find the best option for your needs.

  • Flared kurti– Suited for younger women, the chic asymmetrical kurti is a versatile fit for most body types and needs. It is a great informal wear, but also works well for daily use. It is not suited for round body types.
  • Kaftan style kurti – The comfortable and aired out poncho kurti is a great choice for most body types. It is very comfortable and suited for use as daily wear, but will also work well for informal occasions. The poncho kurti goes well with full length leggings and other comfort pants.
  • Front slit kurti – Edgy and appealing, the front slit kurti features a long slit on the sides. It is well suited for some formal use as office wear, but can be great for parties and outings as well. Round body types should avoid this side-slit kurti design. It works best with palazzs, but can be paired with leggings as comfort wear.
  • Pintuck kurti – The straight cut or pin tuck kurti is sophisticated and stylish, which makes it ideal for formal use. This kurti works well as office wear, and will pair impressively with a variety of pant options. Whether you are going for palazzos, straight cut pants or culottes, this detailed kurti style will be a great choice for your formal needs.

Final word

Finding the right kurti can be challenging. There are over 30 different styling options, with a lot more customization room allowed. You can tailor down your kurti to your exact specifications. Some options will not work well for different needs and body types, and it is important to consider this before buying your kurti. Our interactive kurti buying guide should help you steer clear of popular mistakes and help you get the right kurti for you!


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