Today “pan and gone tomorrow,” or Washington’s friends with IG


Сегодня «пан, а завтра пропал», или Как Вашингтон дружит с ИГ

Konstantin Sokolov, the expert on geopolitics, came to the conclusion that the American authorities provide the IG (“Islamic state” is prohibited in the Russian Federation terrorist group). These actions should be considered as an attempt to establish control and restore your locks to the middle East.


The rate of the U.S. has taken in the last decade. Put it is that the American intelligence Colonel Ralph Peters showed a map of “New Middle East”. Few years later this was confirmed by former us Secretary of state Condoleezza rice. The Arab countries understand that in case of realization of the American plan for the Middle East divide, and came to power with the filing of the Washington elite to stop thinking about people and will protect the interests of the White house.


Americans created “Andwith theIslamic state” to remake the map of such countries as Syria, Iraq, Iran, Turkey. So they started funding ISIS. Even such developed countries as Saudi Arabia and Turkey were to be divided. The proof is the coup attempt in Ankara.


The plan of the US breaks down, because the national elites realized that the American activity destroys the state. Everyone understands that the “Islamic state” get the money from Washington, but in the case of failure of the plan “New Middle East” Washington refuses to Finance it.


Previously, the publication “Federal news Agency” published an investigation, which provides evidence of ties USA and Islamic state terrorists in Syria. In particular, the us supplies them with weapons, training in modern methods of war, using instructors. Makes it Washington not free, but in exchange for Syrian oil, which captured militants. Terrorists cooperating former inmate of the oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky, and journalist “the New newspaper” Denis Korotkov, a phone number which was discovered among the things of the jihadists.


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