Tips to Stay Healthy Without Hitting the Gym


In this season of pandemic, we all had our long leisures at home. Or, even if we worked, there has hardly been physical movement and exercise. Not denying it has been both fun and fruitful for many of us. However, we have to agree that the body is the key. We can do no fun with an unhealthy body. Going to a gym might not always be feasible because we might not have one close to home, we might not have the time to go and moreover they are costly! So, here are a few tips, jointly prepared with, on how to stay healthy without going to the gym. 

Workout Videos

The internet makes everything so easy. Youtube is an absolute saviour. Check out yoga and workout videos. Go through them and try practising the same. Once you are able enough, just find gaps in between your work schedule, and do some push-ups or some jumping jacks!


Walking is heavily underrated as an exercise. Just imagine the benefits that walking can bring to you. You not only burn calories but also save fuel. You do not at all need to have a proper walking schedule everyday which may consume a lot of time. Just walk whenever possible- to the department store, to the ice-cream parlor, to the cafe, to the housewarming party in the next neighborhood. Such routined activities do amount to considerable labor.


An interesting tip that you must know is that for every minute you spend by jogging, you burn less calories than for every minute you spend by taking the stairs. Indeed, what matters more than the early morning jog, is that you make sure you take the stairs while going to work, at work, while going to the store and what not. The best part is that you practically do not need any time fixed for it. Got a couple of minutes at hand? Take a run through the entire flight of stairs of your building. It must be quite some exercise and force you to be breathless for a while.


Doing housework again is something quite laborious that we do not even realise. Dusting the furniture, mopping the floor and the windows do surmount to considerable exercise. And you are exercising while getting some work done! Going by that, you can take up a co-curricular activity which will also help you in burning calories like dancing or karate maybe.


Finally, you can always be creative with your workout routine. You can get your hands on some basic workout equipment like dumb-bells, or maybe just use filled water bottles. Use the furniture creatively as substitutes for heavier instruments!



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