Tik Tok to label state accounts with a special mark


TikTok will label the accounts of the state public broadcasters, among others. That label indicates that the organization behind the profile is funded by the government. It concerns the public media of forty other countries.

Since March last year, the accounts of Russian state media have been labeled. Media controlled by the Ukrainian and Belarusian governments have been labeled since May.

TikTok speaks of a” successful test ” with the labeling of public broadcasters. That is why the company is now expanding to forty other countries. In addition to the Netherlands, this includes most other countries of the European Union, the United States and China.

All organizations that are editorially or politically influenced or controlled by a government receive such a label. In doing so, TikTok wants to provide users with “the right, transparent and usable context”.

The social network itself tests whether media is controlled or financed by the state to a greater or lesser extent. Sixty media experts must carry out that assessment.

According to TikTok, it can happen that organizations are unfairly labeled. In that case, there is a possibility of objection.