This product is essential for heart health


Этот продукт незаменим для здоровья сердцаAvocado – not the most popular product on the tables of Ukrainians.

This precious fruit were placed in tombs of dignitaries another 750 years BC, as evidenced by recent excavations. Today avocados can be purchased at almost any supermarket and at an affordable price. What is so remarkable about this fruit.

The main value of this buttery fruit with no taste is a abundance of vitamins, minerals and beneficial to the human body acids. All these elements are powerful weapons against such serious diseases as cancer, creating a barrier to free radicals, protecting cells and removing toxins; they displace the “bad” cholesterol, cleaning blood vessels and improving heart function.

Avocado improves digestion, relieves constipation, improves eyesight, and lowers blood sugar. In avocados contain monounsaturated fats, which break down harmful saturated fats and do not allow them to SAG at the waist in the form of extra pounds contrary to popular fears about the harmful for the figure-calorie avocado.

Of course, everything is good in moderation and if you eat avocados in small amounts regularly, you can prolong youth through the content of vitamins A and E, so necessary for our skin. Useful avocado and male power, making the sperm viable and increasing their production. Pregnant women avocado is not less useful, it prevents the development of congenital defects of the fetus due to the high content in this fruit folic acid.

Avocado and important for the child’s diet, as it improves cerebral blood circulation, facilitating the learning process, and promotes the absorption of calcium, strengthening bones. That is why the avocado should add to your diet and the elderly. In one word, avocado is a godsend for those who are concerned about their health.

Around the world chefs are developing more and more interesting recipes to make dishes from avocado is delicious and varied.


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