“This is just the beginning”: the resident of China opened the curtain of the underworld


"Это - лишь начало": жительница Китая приоткрыла занавес загробного мира The girl who experienced clinical death, saw that awaits each of us after death.

Whether a death as terrible as we think? A resident of China who have experienced clinical death, now convinced of the opposite — the more she is not afraid of the spot of biological rhythms.

Xue Mei did not previously believe in God, while the case has not changed everything. Because of the strong cough, the woman turned to the doctors. They began to enter in the vein of Chinese medicine, suddenly the patient went into a coma.

The Chinese felt like flying through the tunnel, though with ease. Xue saw his unconscious body. Moreover, she had heard conversations of the doctors and other sounds.

On the way to another world she saw tainstvennyh creatures who showed compassion and love. They force thoughts soothed the girl, who quickly wanted to return to his body.

At one point, the woman’s spirit came back in your body. Xue saw the world, his every atom and molecule. According to her, the picture impossible to describe with words.

Now the Chinese believe in God, it is philosophically looks at the death, knowing that it is not the end but only the beginning.


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