This effective recipe will surely save you from hypertension


Этот эффективный рецепт наверняка избавит от гипертонииA proven tool.

Hypertension and high salt content in the diet have a direct relationship.

In addition, there are other negative consequences: swelling of the tissues of the body, varying severity of premenstrual symptoms. Is it easy to exclude from a diet of excessive salt consumption.

Let’s look at why lower consumption of sodium chloride (salt) is advisable if you have any questions with hypertension (high blood pressure) and kidney disease.

High blood pressure means the heart at a high rhythm. As a consequence of the constant load on the cardiovascular system lead to the thickening of the walls of the arteries lose their natural elasticity. In the end, can and heart disease occur, there are cases of stroke.

Proper nutrition and, in particular, reducing salt intake helps to prevent many issues associated with diseases of the cardiovascular and other important body systems.

Of course, you should consider all the factors that can cause a specific disease. However, the vast majority of research on hypertension give salt a leading role. So, in communities that do not use salt, not high blood pressure. For example, in some regions of Japan, salt consumption is two times higher than the average for the country. Here up to 40 percent of the adult population – “salt lovers” are suffering from high blood pressure as opposed to 20 percent in other regions.

The high content of salt in the diet has other negative consequences, including swelling of body tissues, different severity of premenstrual symptoms. The kidneys constantly measure the level of sodium in the blood, sending the excess out through rochevilaine, figuratively speaking, to work “overtime”. And even such overtime work does not sufficiently get rid of excess salt in the body. As a consequence, the water content is higher than normal. This situation occurs in many women just before menstruation and leads to swelling, pain symptoms, irritability and headaches. In these cases, you should try to reduce the level of salt consumption at least 10 days before the expected menstruation.

A more optimal solution is a complete rejection of salt intake and switching to a healthy (insufficiently) diet on a regular basis.

How easy it is to eliminate from the diet excessive consumption of salt?

Sol core Supplement most processed foods and the main “seasoning” in home cooking. Salt is present in bread, Breakfast cereals, biscuits, butter, margarine, cakes, canned fish and meat products, canned vegetables, frozen products, sausages, sausages, mayonnaise, marinades, instant noodles, cheeses, chips, and, of course, all preparationand products such as soup sachets.

Addicted to salt is usually acquired at an early age. Very often, baby food is salted so that it would meet the taste preferences of an adult. The child becomes accustomed to adding salt in the same way as he or she gets used to the added sugar. A habit passed on from one generation to the next.

In fact, to live without salt is very easy and fun (the word is health).

Just follow these steps and Express in the past excessive consumption of salt:

Remove the salt shaker from the table.
Gradually reduce the amount of salt you use in cooking.
Try to prepare vegetables for a shorter time so that they retain their natural taste.
Enhance the natural flavor of dishes with herbs and spices: rosemary, tarragon, oregano, dill, marjoram, Basil, parsley, turmeric, mint, dry curry, ginger, nutmeg, red pepper, thyme, sage and Bay leaf.
“Read” labels on food products and eliminate the main sources of sodium chloride.

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Prepare soups and other meals using vegetables, dried legumes, lentils and fresh or dried herbs.


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