These products can protect from breast cancer


Эти продукты могут уберечь от рака грудиIn fact, no one food will not 100% prevent breast cancer.

But there are many products that support health and thereby reduce the risk of this disease.

According to experts, excess weight is one of the major risk factors for breast cancer, and so even the smallest weight loss and regulation of blood sugar levels will be a great steps to reduce this probability.

So read what foods will help you stay healthy:

1. Olive oil

Olive oil has long been considered a very useful product, but it is worth noting that healthy fats that are contained in it, reduce the risk of breast cancer. Studies have confirmed that adding to your diet 4 teaspoons olive oil reduces the risk of disease by 68%.

2. Fish

Salmon, mackerel, sardines is the ideal species of fish that are rich in omega 3, which also prevent the development of breast cancer. Omega 3 also helps to fight inflammation in the body.

3. Fruits and vegetables

The more plant-based foods in the diet, the lower the risk of breast cancer. This is facilitated by two factors: antioxidants in fruits and vegetables, and the presence of fibers. Vegetables recommended to eat cruciferous fruit (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower), onion, leek, garlic, shiitake mushrooms (type of mushroom). Fruit should choose low sugar content – are ideal berries.

4. Soy

Many studies have confirmed a link between eating soy and a lower risk of breast cancer. But there is a small exception – if you are a carrier of a mutant gene BRCA2, soy will increase the risk of disease. When you eat soy products make sure that it is organic and wholesome foods – it could be beans and tofu.


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