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Эти достопримечательности скрывают необычные секреты. Фото They will surprise even seasoned travelers.

The world is full of masterpieces and monuments that have historical significance for the whole people. Every year a popular tourist destination attracts millions of travelers from all corners of the Earth: someone is trying to feel the spirit of history, and someone just wants to add to their collection of regular commemorative photo. So far, however, few know about the secrets, which are fraught with the world’s largest attractions.

We collected 9 amazing secrets – you’ll be surprised why they are still do not known to the General public.

1. Trafalgar square

Эти достопримечательности скрывают необычные секреты. Фото

Located in the heart of London, this city square was the site of the most dramatic events in the country, including the Black Monday and Bloody Sunday. After that, the authorities decided: in Trafalgar square should always be police officers, in which case that will be able to quickly react and restrain the violators.

So as not to attract the attention of the public, it was decided to install a small box, which gave the name of Lilliput because of its tiny size. The former police station is currently used just for storage of equipment for street cleaning.

2. The Lincoln Memorial

Эти достопримечательности скрывают необычные секреты. Фото

The memorial, erected in honor of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, is located in Washington and is an iconic historical landmark. Despite its popularity, it has a little secret: if you look closely, the side of the memorial you can find the door.

Behind her is a staircase that leads down into a large underground hall. It is a cave, which even has a real stalactites hanging from the ceiling. On the cave walls with graffiti that appeared there thanks to the workers who built the memorial in 1900-ies.

3. “The World Of Walt Disney”

Эти достопримечательности скрывают необычные секреты. Фото

Park “Island of discovery” is located in Bay lake on-site, owned by the Disney Corporation. It was originally opened under the name “treasure Island”. It was the home of exotic animals, including lemurs and giant tortoises and rare species of birds. Attraction started in 1974 and lasted until 1999.

After closing time the animals moved to other locations “Walt Disney World”. Today, the island remains abandoned and off limits to visitors. There have been attempts to find alternative ways of land use, including integration with the developers of the popular Myst video game series. As in games, the island would have been a number of mysterious puzzles which you could solve in real life. However, this idea never went beyond concept.

4. Statue of Leonardo da Vinci

Эти достопримечательности скрывают необычные секреты. Фото

The largest airport of Fiumicino, Italy all visitors are greeted by the statue of Leonardo da Vinci-wielding he created the model of the helicopter. The airport was opened in 1961. However, until the reconstruction in 2006, no one had discovered the small hatch halfway up the stairs inside the statue.

Inside were found two parchment. One of them is described in Latin the history of the statue and another the list of participants of the opening ceremony. As the author and Creator of the monument is the famous Bulgarian sculptor Assen Peikov, it is believed that he left for posterity these Epistles.

5. Central station new York

Эти достопримечательности скрывают необычные секреты. Фото

Since 1966 the building of the Central station of new York there are two tennis courts. They are located on the 4th floor at the top of the Windows of the facade of the building. Many of the passengers admire the view of the terminal outside, unaware that outside the window is a secret tennis club.

Play there can not everyone. Only members of the elite club of Vanderbilt have the opportunity to train on these courts. 1 hour sessions can cost about $ 155. Among the visitors were such famous athletes like John McEnroe and the Williams sisters.

6. The Statue Of Liberty

Эти достопримечательности скрывают необычные секреты. Фото

A trip to new York would not be complete without visiting the statue of Liberty. Most tourists know about the possibility of a visit of the crown, but few people know that before also had access to a torch. Over time, however, everything changed. July 30, 1916, German spies blew up a bomb on the pier in the neighboring Jersey city. The explosion was so powerful that it severely damaged the hand of the statue of Liberty and her torch.

Until 1984, could not fully repair the damaged areas. Since the explosion of the visitors are not allowed in the “flare” part. But if you want to see the original torch, it can be found in the Museum located on the island.

7. The Washington Monument

Эти достопримечательности скрывают необычные секреты. Фото

In 2016, the Washington monument had to be closed indefinitely because of problems with the Elevator system. However, tourists were able to see almost 4-meter replica of the monument, hidden in a nearby sewer manhole. He is part of a network of similar checkpoints all over the country who help the National geodetic service of the government to synchronize the cards.

At the initial stage of construction in the 1880’s, a mini monument can be seen towering over the lawn. Now he is under the hatch, because over time the lowlands were modified, whereby the monument sank into the ground.

8. Milan Central station

Эти достопримечательности скрывают необычные секреты. Фото

Milan is one of the largest train stations in Europe. Every day thousands of people go out on the road, but few know that the station building has a luxurious waiting room. It was built in the 20-ies of the last century, especially for the convenience of the Royal family.

After the Second world war, the monarchs left the country, but the hall until today remains in its original form: marble, Royal emblems, exquisite furniture. Upstairs is a balcony with a magnificent view of the area.

9. The canal house in Amsterdam

Эти достопримечательности скрывают необычные секреты. Фото

Among the houses on the canal in Amsterdam there is the inconspicuous appearance of which lies the mystery. In the old days the Dutch reformed Church banned public Catholic services. Catholics were excluded from political and administrative activities, as well as removed from the trade community. Despite this, many secretly practiced Catholicism.

In the early 60-ies of the XVII century by a rich merchant bought 3 adjacent houses on a canal in the centre of Amsterdam. They built a Church. Due to the fact that it was located on the upper floors, it was called “Our Lord in the attic”. Today there is a Museum to visit which can all attend.


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