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Оружие будущего: десять впечатляющих секретных разработок. Фото It can destroy humanity.

Modern technology has had an enormous influence on the art of war, and yet some things have remained constant – each of the opponents tends to be stronger and smarter. So military secrets reveal only a few. So the US government (or any other country) holds the most advanced military technology in secret. And yet sometimes the information leaks to the media.

1. Directed energy weapons

Оружие будущего: десять впечатляющих секретных разработок. Фото

The Greek mathematician Archimedes made history more than 2000 years ago as the first person ever use directed energy weapons. According to legend, during the Roman invasion of Syracuse, Archimedes built a hexagonal mirror, when the Roman General Marcellus during the siege of Syracuse took their ships beyond the range of the lesion arrows. Archimedes, apparently, could focus the Sun’s rays and reflect them on the ships that caught fire.

Students at mit have been able to recreate this effect in 2005, but noted that their mirror is able to efficiently burn only stationary target. Although scientific knowledge has advanced considerably since the days of Archimedes, the basic theoretical principles of the technology of directed energy weapons (DEW) remain unchanged. DEW deals damage from a distance by firing intensively concentrated beam of energy at a target.

Different types of DEW use different types of energy, but the most popular form of directed energy weapons in use today, is a high-energy laser (HEL). These DEW like lasers, which can be seen in science fiction movies. They shoot a silent beam of energy, invisible at certain frequencies, which can burn a target at a distance of hundreds of kilometers.

HEL was developed by contractors such as Lockheed Martin for use in missile defense and space war, but some believe that these weapons could be designed with much more sinister purposes.

2. Acoustic device long range

Оружие будущего: десять впечатляющих секретных разработок. Фото

New types of weapons of crowd control came to the fore during the protests in Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014. It was the first time the LRAD sound cannon used to quell civil unrest. Able to project sound at a distance of 9 kilometers acoustic device long range (LRAD) causes intense pain to anyone within 100 metres. Manufacturers LRAD try to call their products “devices” and not “weapons.” But anyone who has experienced the effects of the LRAD, knows the difference between truth and claims of the developer.

Also, interestingly, the American diplomats stationed in Cuba, has recently started to lose hearing. Soon after the conflict between the United States and Cuba that occurred in 2015, the diplomats arrived in the newly discovered in the Caribbean island country, the U.S. Embassy began reporting sudden and permanent hearing loss. American investigators came to the conclusion that the diplomats had been struck by an unknown advanced acoustic device that produces an audible sound, but causes irreparable damage to the ears and human brain.

This incident was considered so serious that the United States has expelled two Cuban diplomats from its Embassy in Washington. However, the exact characteristics of this device are similar to LRAD, and the identity of those who used it against the Americans, is still unknown.

3. Low frequency microwave mind control

Оружие будущего: десять впечатляющих секретных разработок. Фото

The sound of the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Cuba has revived longstanding concerns about another type of secret weapon. In 1965, at the height of the cold war, the Pentagon discovered that the Soviet Union was irradiated the U.S. Embassy in Moscow is extremely low frequency (ELF) microwave radiation. While radiation was too weak to “fry the brain”, it was found that the so-called “Soviet” signal had the opportunity to affect the health or change the behavior of the Embassy staff. Instead of Express a note of protest, the Pentagon decided to study the potential effects of signal and try to imitate them at home.

DARPA, formed only at the time the division advanced research projects under the Ministry of defense, founded the project, called Project Pandora, began a study of the influence of microwave radiation, ELF on the brains of primates. Although the results were inconclusive, project Manager Richard Cesaro to the closing of “Project Pandora” in 1969, remained convinced that the ELF radiation is a serious threat to the national security of the United States. In any case, the Pentagon could resolve the situation, “wearing a tinfoil hat”, or to be more precise, by installing around the perimeter of the Embassy aluminum screens.

Although DARPA and shut down the project ELF radiation in 1969, studies have shown that low-frequency microwave waves and radio waves can in fact have harmful effects on the human body. It was even demonstrated that the signals emitted and received by cell phones, affect the functioning of the brain, which often manifests in the disruption of the natural sleep cycles.

4. Pistols heart attack

Оружие будущего: десять впечатляющих секретных разработок. Фото

After the scandal with Watergate in the early 1970-ies of the Senator from Democrats Frank Church led a Committee devoted to the investigation of any action committed by the CIA. It was believed that the CIA accumulating unreasonable unilateral power under the pretext of the cold war, and the Church allegedly wanted to expose this heinous conspiracy against the American people. Although history has shown that attempts to curb the totalitarian zeal of the CIA was ultimately ineffective in the course of this research, 1975, they found several interesting results.

One of these discoveries was the so-called “Heart Attack Gun” – a modified gun capable of delivering almost imperceptible, but fatal dose of toxin in shellfish the victim’s body. The dart produced by this soundless weapon theoretically would leave a shot, no more than a mosquito bite, and almost instantly dissolved would in body tissues after injection of venom that caused the victim a heart attack within a few moments.

Unknown, was ever “heart attack gun”. But, as far as we know, he could still actively used today.

5. Magnetohydrodynamic explosive ammunition

Оружие будущего: десять впечатляющих секретных разработок. Фото

In the novel “Earth light” Arthur C. Clarke described a futuristic weapon, which used electromagnetism to “maplevania” jets of molten metal into space that destroyed a space battleship. This type of armor-piercing weapons is not entirely unheard of. Since the Second world war various weapons manufacturers have created ammunition SFP, which used a chemical explosion and metal core.

SFP when you hit the armored vehicle changed its form to make it easier to penetrate the armor of the target. However, the conventional SFP inefficient and difficult to use, which gave rise to the need for more effective weapons for penetrating armor. DARPA has developed a specialized projectile Magneto Hydrodynamic Explosive Munition (MAHEM).

Using electromagnetism to shape and steer a steady jet of molten metal MAHEM is much more adaptable than a conventional SFP, and very similar to the fictional weapons described in “Earthly light.”

Apart from these basic details, little is known about this secret military project.

6. Biological weapon

Оружие будущего: десять впечатляющих секретных разработок. Фото

In the period between 1949 and 1969 armed forces of the United States had tested biological weapons on its own people without their knowledge or consent. One such experiment occurred in 1950, when a U.S. Navy ship sprayed billions of tiny microbes in the atmosphere over San Francisco, causing a massive surge of disease and the potential murder of one citizen.

Another incident occurred in the new York subway in 1966, when the researchers dropped the rails of the flasks of bacteria to see how the trains will carry these potentially deadly pathogens. Other experiments consisted in the envelop entire cities with clouds of zinc cadmium sulfide under the pretext of providing a smokescreen to hide the population in case of nuclear war.

The military claimed that all this was done with the aim of developing better protection from foreign enemies, but many wonder whether the benefits of such reckless experimentation outweigh the costs. However, the dangerous pathogens that are released into the atmosphere may be the least of biological threats, which was subjected to the American government his people.

In 2016, DNI Director James clapper expressed concern that the technology for editing genes could become a weapon of mass destruction if it falls into the wrong hands. The science of gene editing has spread throughout the modern world, apparently without regard to the potentially harmful consequences of erosion of the genetic structure of the biosphere. Genetic engineering gave rise to the potential existence of a secretly developed biological weapons that could destroy whole Nations almost overnight.

7. Subliminal message

Оружие будущего: десять впечатляющих секретных разработок. Фото

It is well known that subliminal messaging is widely used in advertising. This type of marketing usually uses the underlying motives with imperceptible effect on him, so he bought a certain product or service. But what if the same principles used in subliminal advertising, are also used by the intelligence Agency of the United States for purposes of espionage or even of mind control.

Previously classified CIA document called “the Operational potential of subliminal perception” describes in detail the methodology prescribed principles of subconscious perception to convince someone to do what they usually did.

8. Flying aircraft carriers

Оружие будущего: десять впечатляющих секретных разработок. Фото

In the late 1920-ies, the U.S. Navy began to study the tactical capabilities of the air carriers. Was built two airship-Zeppelin, USS Akron and USS Macon, both of which had a crew of 60 people and was able to produce and to take on Board the Sparrowhawk fighters during the flight. However, both machines crashed, and their remains now lie at the bottom of the ocean.

In recent years, however, there were rumors about DARPA plans to resume this Chapter of American history, and the initiation of another attempt to develop aircraft carriers for military use. This time these aerial leviathans will carry unmanned aerial vehicles instead of manned combat aircraft. Program named “Gremlin”, this bold initiative of DARPA will present a modified transport C-130, loaded unmanned aerial vehicles with stealth technology, which is able to sneak into enemy territory.

Given the reputation of DARPA, which is usually suddenly announced the planning already completed projects, it’s possible that “Gremlins” is already flying on the heads of unsuspecting people.

9. Project “Thor»

Оружие будущего: десять впечатляющих секретных разработок. Фото

Potentially “pereplyunuv” MOAB as the most lethal non-nuclear weapons in the Arsenal of the United States, the Project “Thor” (Project Thor) is a technology developed in the 1950-ies Jerry Purnell, which is able to destroy enemies with rods falling on your head. This weapon is of the type Kinetic Energy Penetrator (KEP) theoretically would consist of a pair of satellites. One of them is used as the center of guidance, and the other was equipped with a 6-meter-long tungsten rods that will drop on a target from orbit.

Able to penetrate 30 meters into the soil, these deadly “thunderbolts of Thor” would cause damage equivalent to a nuclear explosion, but without radioactive fallout. Although the cost of delivery of such rods into orbit is seen as prohibitively high, a renewed initiative Project Thor was seriously considered recently by the Bush administration.

Given the 21 trillion dollars, which presumably were assigned to the Ministry of defense and several other agencies, it is difficult to understand what potentially costly theoretical projects the United States government could safely implement without the knowledge or consent of the people.


Оружие будущего: десять впечатляющих секретных разработок. Фото

Hugo Chavez has drawn international attention to the HAARP facility in Alaska, when he accused the air force of the United States to use this high frequency transmitter to trigger the Haiti earthquake in 2010. All the conspiracy theories subsided, when it was announced that the complex ionospheric research will stop its work in 2014. But the speculation was resumed, when HAARP was reopened in 2017 the University of Alaska in Fairbanks (UAF).

As a first experiment, the UAF decided to hold artificially induced weather phenomenon, namely the creation of the Northern lights over Alacakoy, which was invisible to the naked eye.


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