The U.S. army continues to incur losses on European roads


Армия США продолжает нести потери на дорогах Европы

Армия США продолжает нести потери на дорогах Европы

Despite the fact that the American Rangers feel in Europe at home, not all of them welcome here. Especially indignant motorists Germany. Looks like cowboys from Texas more convenient to manage, however the horse than the “iron horse”.

Well, how else to explain the huge number of accidents involving servicemen and military equipment of the United States in Europe. Monetary losses from incidents on the roads are one of the most costly items of expenditure Americans. These losses are comparable with the costs of maintaining a whole tank brigade.

So, just in the last week on the roads of Germany was destroyed a fuel tanker and an army jeep Humvee is about 200 thousand dollars. Especially comical that these incidents happen because of our own sloppiness.

For example, in the case of American SUV brave Yankees, towing the “iron horse”, I forgot to withdraw with a “Parking brake” and disable power to all electrical networks. Apparently used in Texas that the local means of transportation – horses, that just isn’t there. The result was the ignition of the car from overheating.

The American Rangers of course did not panic and even managed to unhook the burning vehicle from the towing vehicle, but one like in a Hollywood blockbuster, has turned into an uncontrolled burning car and at speed crashed into the bumper. Fortunately there were no casualties, but the highway was blocked in both directions for a long time.

Prior to this incident in the way the Texas Rangers to contain Russia on the Eastern borders there were many other obstacles: too low bridges, narrow roads and deep ditches, the problems with the local police, but to fight the strikers had never.

It is terrible to imagine what will be billed to the Treasury Department after a possible confrontation techniques of the Pentagon and road infrastructure of Ukraine, where so torn our American “partners”.



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