The stewardess from the heading asked Youtube to block the investigation into his mansions


Стюардесса из Балашихи попросила Youtube заблокировать расследование о своих особняках

Independent publishing “Draft” announced about the attempts of businesswoman Marina Naffi to block an investigation of her mansions worth billions of rubles and the fragrance business with the most expensive spirits in Russia. In an investigation published a “Project” in mid-March, it was said that his wealth and success, she is obliged to the former head of Rosneft Eduard Khudainatov, who hooked up with her, still being a top Manager of state-owned companies.

“Producing the most expensive perfume Russia is trying to block an investigation of their business and communication with a friend of Igor Sechin,” – said in a Telegram-channel “Project”.

The investigation in question, came in a text format on the website “Project”, and in the form of a video on the YouTube channel edition. Some time later, LLC “Amalfi” addressed to the administrators of YouTube with a request to block this video. The company claimed that the publication has not received permission to use snippets of commercials Amaffi Perfume House from its official website and that the video “creates a negative impression about the brand Amaffi” that can “reduce the flow of potential buyers” and cause losses.

But, according to the Project, to block the video hosting administrators did not, as the law allows to cite public videos.

In the investigation, which wants to remove former Manager of “McDonald’s” Marina Igumnova, which is now called “Marina Eduardovna of Amalfi” explains that she met with the current owner of “Neftegazkholding” E. Khudainatov (at that time – a top Manager of “Severneftegazprom”, subsidiary company “Gazprom”), when got a job as a flight attendant for servicing business jets.

After this experience Igumnov got a mansion on the ruble value of 5 billion rubles, the Villa in Cyprus and own perfume business. And in 2017, changed its name to Amalfi, taking the middle name “new Pope” – E..

Also in the investigation said about the stores of the brand Amaffi that produces the most expensive perfume in Russia – an average bottle of perfume Amaffi Perfume House worth $10 000. Boutiques this perfume house located in Moscow and London, and the headquarters of the company are located in Geneva. This, as noted earlier edition, much more exclusive versions of the best brands in the world. On the website of the company, such price was based on the fact that its owner is supposedly a descendant of the woman-the perfumer by the name of Amalfi, which “created the spirits of Napoleon.”

In the register of legal entities the owner of all companies Dating back to “parfumare the time of Napoleon”, is the Marina Eduardovna of Amalfi. On Rublevo-Uspensky highway in the Moscow region it still owns several mansions with a total area of 6 thousand square meters and cost about 5 billion rubles.



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