“The source” found son-in-mishustina property in the Czech Republic and the connection with the scandalous Bank


"Собеседник" обнаружил у зятя Мишустина недвижимость в Чехии и связь со скандальным банком

In addition to luxury real estate in new York, the businessman Alexander Udodov, son-in-law of the Prime Minister of Russia Mikhail mishustina, found real estate in Prague and suspicious relationship with the Bank of the ROC. How do I find “the Source”, the Udodova, which owns the Czech estate, the date of birth coincides with the passport data of mishustina-in-law.

Signatures in documents on the American and Czech business Udodova, through which he acquired their apartments were identical. Living in Prague Natalia Yakymchuk, which helps the relative of the Prime Minister of Czech Affairs, to questions about the mishustina-in-law did not want to answer.

In Udodova signed the mortgage contract, in addition to his name, also mentions the name of the Gentle Valentine, whose firm Pine Investors Management Alexander Udodov bought flats in Manhattan. Affectionate all companies registered to one address – 28 Wagner Street on Staten island, at the same address registered and the company Udodova, which mishustina son-in designed their apartment.

In this house lives a Sergei Perotin, who presented himself as a real estate agent Udodova and Affectionate, and said that they remain his customers for the past 10 years. Details, he did not, citing a legislative ban to discuss the Affairs of their clients.

Living in America, the Valentine was Affectionate namesake and contemporary of the founder of the development company “Peresvet-invest”. Last year the company went bankrupt, its CEO Oleg Pronin for fraud was under arrest, then as Tender to the investigation were not involved. Alexander Udodov in 2000-ies was the Vice President of “Peresvet-invest”, although information about this is not in any official biography of the businessman.

In the fall of 2016 belonging to the ROC, the Bank “Peresvet” was on the verge of collapse. The Bank has frozen the funds of not only the Church but also the many state-owned companies, including “inter RAO” and “RusHydro”, as well as donations from private individuals like Alina Kabaeva. In the end, the Bank “Peresvet” and the funds of its depositors, in contrast to the “Peresvet-invest”, managed to save.

In November 2018 the Director of “Peresvet-invest” Oleg Pronin was arrested on suspicion of theft of credit, which he derived from “overexposure” to offshore: according to some, we are talking about more than one hundred billion rubles. And at that time the head of Federal tax service Mikhail Mishustin anyone not previously known Peresvet, who collaborated with his brother-in-law, was authorized on the Bank for acceptance of Bank guarantees, and, according to some, with the collapse of the Bank, stuck tools and the on.

“Interlocutor” has assumed that these funds were directed on purchase of real estate abroad. In the “Peresvet” the situation is not commented. Valentin Affectionate and Alexander Udodov also did not respond to mailed questions.



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