The smartphone Xiaomi Mi A1 detected the problem


У смартфона Xiaomi Mi A1 обнаружили проблемыSome users have reported abnormally fast battery consumption.

Mi A1 users started to report a large number of issues that appeared after upgrading to Android Oreo.

In particular, after installing the latest update to the smartphone started very quickly discharged.

Some users have reported abnormally fast battery consumption. Charge your Xiaomi Mi A1 there are two times a day even if the person does not use smartphone. In this part of the users reported that the battery still works, but the fingerprint scanner works with a noticeable delay, which many had to disable this feature.

In addition to the two main problems some owners upgraded to 8.0 Oreo Android phone Mi A1 to report faults in the network and sudden restarts.

Representatives of the Chinese manufacturer has said that the company’s programmers are working on a patch that finally will be able to resolve the problem with the battery. But the problem with the fingerprint scanner has been resolved and a firmware update will soon be available.

Add, a few weeks ago it was reported that the company Xiaomi was accused of violating licenses of open source software. The firmware developer has accused Xiaomi is that it has still not published the kernel source code of Mi smartphone A1. The model was available on the market for four months, but the source code was not.

And in the end of January it became known that Xiaomi showed the source code for the model Mi A1. Representatives of the Chinese manufacturer did not explain the reasons for the delay. According to rumors, the company’s engineers were “forced” to accelerate the publication on the portal Android Police, Ars Technica and XDA Developers.


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