The shadow economy in Russia accounts for almost 40% of GDP


Объем теневой экономики в России составляет почти 40% ВВП

Russia at the end of 2016, took fourth place in the list of countries with the largest shadow economy, report of the Association of chartered certified accountants (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, ACCA). Its volume made up 33.55 trillion rubles, or 39,07% of GDP

The leader of the rating became Azerbaijan — the volume of shadow economy amounted to 67% of GDP. In the top-5 also includes Nigeria (48,4%), Ukraine (about 46%) and Sri Lanka (37.8 per cent). The smallest size of the shadow economy by the end of 2016, registered in the U.S. (7.8% of GDP), Japan (10.1 percent) and China (10.2 per cent).

The list presents 28 countries, reports RNS.


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