The scientists told, when Mars will be the first city


Ученые рассказали, когда на Марсе появится первый городNamed the exact date.

Due to the fact that scientists have succeeded in growing plants in conditions equal to, or close to the Martian and lunar, experts believe that the first human settlement on the red planet will be built in 30 years.

As reported VladTime, using soil samples taken from Mars and the moon, official representatives of the European space Agency put a variety of plants in the garden, built from alien soil. As a result, experts managed to collect first harvest of marigold which germinate on the ground taken from a satellite of the Earth, and yield of radish, tomato and peas at the “Martian” beds.

According to scientists, these experiments was organized only vaguely close to the natural environment of the moon and Mars, as clean soil with earth’s satellite and the red planet is not suitable for growing earth plants.

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Experts said that taking enough earthly bacteria, colonizers of Mars in 30 years will be able to create the first settlements.


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