The position is open: NASA are seriously preparing for the alien invasion


Вакансия открыта: NASA всерьез готовится к вторжению инопланетян The Agency appears planetary protection officer.

Official representatives of the American space Agency NASA has informed that they have hired a technician who in case of UFO attack will have to defend the Earth from aliens. On February 5 the officer will be officially listed in the headquarters of NASA in Washington.

Professor Lisa Pratt of Indiana University was hired to work in the space Agency and received the title of planetary protection officer NASA. In charge of Lisa Pratt is to protect the Earth from potential contamination of extraterrestrial life forms, including potential microorganisms that can live on ice or groundwater on Mars. Also astrobiologist should prevent accidental transport of the microbes of the Earth to other planets by space probes.

In other words, Pratt responsibilities include ensuring that people do not pollute space and other organisms do not contaminate the Ground. Thus, in case of need, it will need to prevent an alien invasion.


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