The number of pre-orders for cryptomator Finney breaks records


In Switzerland developed a special smartphone Finney – the world’s first cryptocanthon that a few days ago we started to take pre-orders. Their number is increasing by the hour and at very high rates, which indicates a potentially stable sales of the gadget.

At the time of writing the news the number of orders for Finney exceeded 25,000, and they come from all over the world. This is cryptocanthon, that is a mobile device with advanced features for working with cryptocurrency, though anyone – from bitcoin to bananalink. Based on Finney is a unique operating system OS Sirin Sirin from the company Labs, which created the smartphone and it differs advanced system of protection against hacking, which is lacking in the same Android.
In Finney’s literally all aimed at safe and, importantly, anonymous transactions, so that in the future this smartphone will become very popular in Russia: it will be possible to buy and sell cryptocurrency, bypassing the new requirements of the local authorities, which will soon enter into force. Theoretically, this will even allow you to avoid paying taxes for the crypt. In the development of Finney attended by the co-founder of Live Stephen Marioff and co-founder of Bancor guy Benartzi. The release date of the smartphone is not announced.


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