The nuclear disaster is getting closer: scientists moved the hands of the doomsday clock


Ядерная катастрофа все ближе: ученые перевели стрелки Часов Судного дня Prepare well.

The time remaining until midnight, symbolizes the international tension the American atomic scientists moved the hands on the so-called doomsday clock is a symbolic timepiece that tracks the approaching nuclear disaster.

“The so-called scientists move doomsday clock 2 minutes to midnight” – written by journalists.

This may be a sign that humanity is one step closer to a nuclear cataclysm. The doomsday clock – a project of the magazine of the University of Chicago, launched in 1947 by the creators of the first American atomic bomb.

Periodically on the cover of a magazine published a picture of a clock showing a few minutes to midnight. The time remaining until midnight, symbolizes the tensions of the international situation and progress in the development of nuclear weapons. Midnight itself symbolizes the time of the nuclear disaster.

The decision to transfer the shooter takes the Board of Directors of the journal with the help of invited experts, among which, in particular, 18 Nobel prize laureates. For 70-year history of the project, the clock changed their status 23 times, including the initial setting of seven minutes in 1947. During the Cuban missile crisis(1962) the world was two steps away from nuclear war.

However, as the crisis was resolved very quickly (within 38 days), the Watch did not respond, and their testimony has not changed. From 1960 to 1963 the clock was showing seven minutes (in 1963, this time was increased to twelve minutes).


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