The newest military drone crashed in the Ryazan region


Новейший военный беспилотник рухнул в Рязанской области

In the Ryazan region crashed unmanned aircraft system “Orion”. He collapsed near an apartment house in the village of Listvyanka.

“The experimental prototype crashed while performing a test flight. According to the preliminary version, there was a technical failure. The causes are being investigated. This [drone] Orion,” said TASS, the investigator for particularly important cases the Moscow interregional SU IC on transport Sergey Bubenec.

According to him, the problems the drone began to landing. “The weather could hardly be affected, possible, side wind,” he said.


As the head of the Ryazan region Natalia Gureeva, the drone fell about 70 metres from the apartment house. There were no injuries.

Orion medium-altitude unmanned complex long duration flight. The forum “Army-2018” group “Kronstadt” demonstrated control unit armament for the drone and prototype ammunition of its own design weighing up to 50 kg, which can be equipped with different warheads.

At the air show “MAKS-2019”, the General designer of the group “Kronstadt” Nikolai Dolzhenkov said that the drone Orion is in the final stages of testing, the Russian defense Ministry will receive one such complex to the end of the year.


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